Get Telemarketing Groups To Help Monitor Cyber Threats

Telemarketing, Outsourced Telemarketing, Sales LeadsTelemarketing groups might not boast the high-end computer expertise to evaluate cyber threats but they can focus on one thing: the users.

Make no mistake, even telemarketers will turn to software professionals when it comes to the actual heavy work of identifying and addressing a cyber threat. On the other hand, the effects of these threats tend to be understood on far more simpler terms by the users themselves. They may not understand how or why something is wrong but the fact remains: something is wrong. This makes engagement very important when evaluating a threat and that is where telemarketing comes in.

You also don’t have to be a security vendor just to have this obligation. Most business software providers are still called to a considerable measure of software security, especially when it comes to handling sensitive business data. Two major examples would be payroll and CRM.

But more than that, even the IT security firms prefers to take matters into their own hands rather than wait around for the support of law enforcement and federal action. What more reason do you need in order to do the same?

Though speaking of which, take a look at this Forbes article if you’re still not convinced that software companies shouldn’t be as active in monitoring these threats on their own. Asides from the argument about how the route of government intervention will only be a wasted effort, the author also says:

As new threats have developed– from cyber crime, to nation state espionage, to weaponized malware targeting uranium gas centrifuges– the industry has reacted. There are now tools that collect intelligence, identify previously unknown attack attempts, and alert network operators to successful intrusions, giving them the ability to track down and eradicate them. Major security vendors already gather threat intelligence from hundreds of thousands of deployed devices. New firms are even actively infiltrating and gathering information from hacker and cyber criminal forums.”

But again, while outsourced telemarketing may lack the specialized IT and computer knowledge, they can get feedback from your users. These users, in turn, are likely to exhibit one of the many noticeable symptoms of cyber attacks. Some of the things you could already try are:

  • A customer service call center: Many business decision makers don’t have time to wait for an email response and if it’s an automated one, that will only aggravate their impatience. That’s why your customer support should always give a number to call and a real representative to receive it.
  • A brief phone survey – While you’re generating ERP leads, have your strategy emulate a survey. Like a survey, your telemarketers can ask questions that touch upon the usual signs of software difficulties. You may not qualify all the time but at least you have verifiable information to work with.
  • Small advisory – In case your specialists have already identified a threat beforehand, you can use the telephone as a means of spreading the word. Even if some threats are easily remedied, there’s always the human element when it comes to your customer’s security policies and protocol.

Having eyes on the users is just as important as focusing on a cyber threat down to the level of hard code. For one thing, not all users are really capable of grasping the finer details of IT or computer science. They can, however, easily realize that something in their system is going berserk or critical information has been compromised. Get a telemarketing firm to help you monitor signs coming from them so as to be even more on the alert for cyber threats.

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