Getting Lead Generation To Maintain Trade Secrets

If marketing and business communication are all about transparency, then it is clear how a lead generation strategy can risk exposing trade secrets. And while many businesses are called to transparency, they themselves also have a right to their own privacy.

Sales Leads VS Trade Secrets

Lead Generation, BI Lead Generation, Sales LeadsIn marketing, there are times when you need to brag about your edge to attract your leads. But if you are not careful, you might forget the difference between flashing that edge and playing with a completely open hand. The former is basically showing the advantage you give your prospects. The latter is something your own competitors can use against you because they now know how you operate.

So at first glance, it appears that you are stuck between generating your IT leads without accidentally giving yourself away. On the other hand, Wired has just recently released a report showing how one company manages to strike a balance: Google.

Nowadays, Google is rather forthright about the fact that it designs its own servers, and in 2009, it revealed some designs to the world at large. But these have likely evolved over the past three years, and it’s unclear how much.”

From this quote and the rest of the article, you can find several ways a software business like yours can minimize the information you give away while at the same time, attain a high level of appeal for potential customers.

  • Simplification – One of these is the mere simplification of what you are offering. Say, for example, your product is a BI tool. You simply demonstrate what your B2B customers can do with it and not necessarily go down to the level of hard coding. Coincidentally, the advantage that comes from this is that you are being clear and it makes it easier to teach a prospect.

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  • Answering wisely – Create a policy among your marketers that directs them to only answer certain questions. If you are outsourcing BI lead generation elsewhere, you should still make sure a similar policy is in place or if you can have an agreement with your provider. The real challenge though is balancing this without coming off as secretive.
  • Test compliance – To make sure you are not hiding anything, consult with legal experts and test to see if there is anything in your software or technology that is violating regulations. So long as they say that you have not done anything to land your business in trouble, you can repeat the message in your marketing. You do not have to worry about revealing all the details.

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  • Hand out old information – As Google as demonstrated, you can also give the impression of giving yourself away. However, the truth is what you have given away can be considered old news within your company. The design and infrastructure behind your product could actually be different from the first model which you have made public.

To summarize, it is not actually as hard as it looks. Your trade secrets can run deeper and are not always easy to comprehend to even matter for your prospects. Just simplify your advantage and pick your questions when you are generating IT sales leads.

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