Global Lead Generation From Global Growth

ERP software is a growing industry and like any growing industry, companies within must not grow complacent in lead generation. This is not limited to the industry within certain countries but, as many IT professionals can attest, people should start viewing industry growth in light of an increasingly globalized economy.

B2B Leads Tie With Business Growth

As large as industrial growth can be, it will always start at the smaller level. Namely, it starts with the companies that make it up. Below, new studies from Lucintel have indicated just how much the industry has grown over the past year and how much it will continue in the next five. With B2B customers reporting increased satisfaction with enterprise solutions, the rising demand for ERP leads is not surprising.

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The following list contains some of the factors mentioned in the above infographic that have contributed to the continued prosperity of the ERP software market:

  • Increasing innovation – As you can see, cloud computing is promising to revolutionize the industry and with increasing innovation comes increasing competition. Competition is a clear sign than industry is very much alive; taking action to satisfy more needs; increasing the rate of sales lead generation; and spurring growth.
  • New markets – Rising innovations have also allowed the industry to penetrate new markets and overcome past challenges. Before, many enterprise applications were in the domain of large corporations. But today, small and medium organizations are beginning to qualify. It is also further evidence that companies who either fear or do not understand their advantage stand to risk stagnation and obsolescence.

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  • Competition gone international – Speaking of competition, one more reason to view this on the global scale is the increasing connectivity tied with advanced business IT. With solutions being offered on the cloud, improved costs in both implementation and management, and higher demand, software vendors from all over have come to take part in this growth.

And at the bottom line, all these growth factors are driven in part by high lead generation and marketing activity. You need to distinguish your solution’s brand from competitors while at the same time appeal to new markets. Companies who do otherwise risk drowning beneath their competitors so start generating ERP sales leads today to keep your global industry growing!

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