Good Data Makes For A More Honest B2B Lead Generation

Whether you’re writing out a call script or penning an email invitation, you should know better than to deceive the people you’ll be contacting with them. After all, one of the biggest complaints against telemarketers is that they never tell their receivers how they got their numbers. Meanwhile in email marketing, some people are left scratching their heads at how they manage to get so much spam for products they don’t even care for.


Regardless of what method you use, don’t let that be you. When you’re calling or sending an email to a prospect, you should indicate to them how you got their number or address. That not only makes them less suspicious of you, it can help the recall the reasons why they gave their contact information in the first place. This in turn gives you the hope that these reasons would be that they’re open to buying something from companies like yourself.


For example, suppose you’re in the business of supplying payroll softwares. You decided to try telemarketing for leads and the person receiving your call asks how you got their number. The last thing you want is for your prospect to suspect you of cold calling.


If your data is accurate, it won’t even come off like that. The prospect will recall putting up their number because they were in need of something to improve their payroll. This leads to them either thinking it over or better yet, tell you that they’re interested and would like to meet with you.


Oddly enough, that’s exactly what outsourced telemarketing firms do. Perhaps you should give them a call so you can see how data has even made them more honest than what popular opinion has made them out to be.

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