How Can Software Leads Corrode Brand Consistency?

That’s a crazy question, I know. Brand consistency is important, even in B2B marketing. No matter how long your sales process is, people will have an easier time remembering your organization through its brand. How then can something like a constant stream of potential customers possible erode that?

You’d be surprised. More specifically, sometimes too much of a particular type of software leads can in fact lead to brands to muddy up their original brand identity.

Picture this scenario. You’re a medical software company. At the start, you had no particular specialty. Much of your campaigns were generally targeted towards all sorts of facilities whether they’re bigger city hospitals, to suburban private practices. So far, your products did good. Maybe they weren’t great but they were good enough to keep getting extended contracts and business continues.

But then, maybe somewhere along the way, you got a particularly challenging experience with the mental health sector. Perhaps it was the first time you’ve ever stepped in or maybe you just realized something about mental health that your developers long never accounted for.

Either way, you started digging deeper. You asked your marketers and sales teams to do more research on the workings and even the culture of those working in the field. The next thing you know, all your marketing materials start veering towards just that particular niche. No longer are you paying attention to your previous business relationships. You just want to stay focused and fascinated with that particular niche.

This sounds like a bad case of OCD. Still, the fact is that it can happen. Businesses that originally went out to serve as many customers as possible wound up falling into a narrow niche and carrying all the risks of over-specialization.

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So how does this automatically result in a corroded brand identity?

  • Neglecting the lifeblood of your company – Long-term customers produce more sustainable ROI and that’s an accepted fact. You shouldn’t just cut off a steady flow like that just for the sake of starting it over with a new niche.
  • Your messaging contradicts your original vision – Sometimes you could start out as completely neutral among your customers. However, software leads that are too concentrated in a particular niche could lead you to adopt messages that are contradictory to ones you’ve previously made.
  • You’re not checking your results – When you’re too enamored producing a particular type of lead, you overlook results far more easily. Don’t explore a new industry to market to unless you’re sure that you can justify it with the results.

As you can see, it’s a case of having too much of a good thing. Focusing too much on a particular strain of software leads could lead you to mix too deeply with one sector as compared to the others you’re still connected with.

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