How Inbound Telemarketing Can Ease Your Software Appointment Setting

There are just some times when it seems better to be less active in going after prospects and would rather have prospects come to you. In the medical software industry, that can happen a little more frequently because the very nature of its products can make it unprofessional to eagerly seek out outbound medical leads.

After all, the field of health care tends to be a little less on the business side and really more on the side of human welfare. However, that doesn’t mean you should give up on lead generation in its entirety. There is still a need to spread word of your product (especially if you think it’s the latest and can cover for dangerous flaws in older types).

Take telemarketing for instance. Believe it or not, there are in fact two types of it and only one of them actually comes off as intrusive and unprofessional. Inbound telemarketing on the other hand is arguably easier on both yourself and your target prospects.

Here’s how it goes. Instead of an eager outbound lead generation campaign, you do something simpler like making a website or putting out a few advertisements to attract visitors. Then, when those visitors have a genuine interest, put up a form that gives them the option to have a live phone conversation to learn more. This allows both you (or your representative) and that person to control the information exchange. And with the right words, you can steer the prospect to set an appointment and look forward to making the sale.

Of course, learning these right words can be tricky so you can always outsource to professional telemarketers today if you really don’t feel up to snuff and would rather focus on what you do best.

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One thought on “How Inbound Telemarketing Can Ease Your Software Appointment Setting

  1. Andreas

    No, in fact Australian businesses have to prdoive money so that the government could manage the DNC list. So, basically, if you want to do some telemarketing in Australia, you will have to pay government extra money.Australian citizens are the ones who are trying to get on the DNC list, because they don’t want to receive those cold calls As to junk mail, aargh! That’s unbelievable. I hope there will be no bans.Thanks for the interesting comment, anyway.


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