How IT Sales Can Save More Opportunities

Getting IT sales to close can be frustrating and that is why many sales professionals prefer a more decently qualified set of leads. However, while qualifying can improve the success rate of those IT sales, it is never good to either overlook or underestimate the process that refines them.

Why IT Sales Can Still Be Wasteful

IT Sales Leads

Ideally, both marketers and salespeople need to get along. However, the reality is that there will always be moments when one side is inclined to blame the other for the lower output of IT sales. If you want to avoid this as an IT sales professional, the best part is to call each part to look inside first before pointing fingers.

For starters, have you been doing any of the following to really cement the success promised by your B2B leads?

  • Dug deeper into a prospect’s problem – Insight is critical to properly identifying the failure of a prospect’s past implementation projects or the current state of their ERP system. You want to close your IT sales with the opportunity to go beyond what your marketers already covered. You do not want them doing all the heavier work for you.
  • Avoid making false promises – You may have heard this a dozen times. But the fact is, there are still IT sales professionals out there who refuse to adhere. It bears repeating. They make your software bigger than what it actually is. They take advantage of a prospect’s ignorance instead of enlightening it.

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  • Make things understandable – Speaking of enlightenment though, another offense commonly committed by IT sales professionals is being out of touch in terms of communication. Avoid using too much tech jargon and simplify things by putting them closer to the bottom-line.
  • Go beyond the profit motive – It may sound cliché but you will find more customers willing to give you your IT sales if you actually sell them something of great value. They do not want to just own some fancy piece of tech that they will not be using much anyways. Your IT sales leads are generated for the sake of providing a solution, not just so you could fill your quota.
  • Strong lead definition – Finally, if you really want to be sure you have covered all responsibilities as an IT sales professional, set a strong definition of a lead. If your marketers know when to send a conversation your way and qualify a prospect, then you will spend less time dealing with the small stuff and focusing on all the previously mentioned tasks to close your IT sales.

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To summarize, the above recommendations are a combination of filtering out minor tasks like getting basic information, basic background checks, but also encouraging IT sales professionals only expound and draw out more insight from that basic information. Simply put, your lead generation services start the conversation but it is up to you to keep it going in order to bring in your IT sales.

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