How The Same Sales Leads Can Be Generated But At Different Costs

Sales Leads, Software Sales Leads, Lead GenerationWhen faced with the decision between outsourcing for sales leads versus having your own B2B marketers, cost will eventually make itself a factor. On that subject however, one can logically conclude that leads generated in-house can be produced but an outsourced company can accomplish the same at a significantly different costs.

In business software, examples of this reasoning exist as well. In fact, when it comes to big data CRM databases, both marketers and IT professionals have common grounds when it comes to sales leads.

Speaking of big data however, GigaOm just recently published an article about how even an in-house group of a large company can share similar levels of capability as small businesses that operate the same function. The large company in question is none other than Disney and its Technology Solutions & Services group:

By the sheer power of its will (and ingenuity), a small team has been able to craft a large custom platform out of Hadoop, NoSQL databases and other open-source technologies.”

So what’s the counterpart to this in marketing and generating CRM leads? Simple. What they did was not much different from an in-house group using a mix of cheap but effective marketing strategies and trying to get them to work. On the other hand, these are usually the same strategies being deployed by smaller lead generator companies. In fact, even the head of Disney’s tech team treated his own group not much differently:

Initially, Jacob said, “We treated ourself like a small consulting organization and we had something to sell.” When a division wanted it to use the platform for a particular function, Jacob would say yes and then get busy actually figuring out how to build it.”

Now at this point, here is where you’ll see the difference in costs despite the similarities (if not exact replication) of the results.

Building custom tools is fine when you don’t have a choice, but it’s not always wise when buying something could save untold man-hours and headaches.”

Most of the article explains the exact process through which Disney’s own in-house team developed their big data platform. But despite attempts to reduce costs, there will always be the challenge of more man-hours and the painful process of overcoming mistakes. And unlike a Fortune 100 company like Disney, your business might not have the right marketing team willing enough to generate the same amount of software sales leads as an outsourced company.

To conclude, here are some factors you should review when comparing the possible costs of your sales leads to that of many outsourced providers:

  • Time: Just as Arun Jacob decided to spend time in learning how to manage the open-source software, so must your in-house marketers be willing to pour the extra time to learning what form of marketing works best for them. Keep in mind however that when it comes generating leads, you have to be quick as you’re in a race with competitors.
  • Experience: On the subject of learning, this is where experience plays a critical role. How adept are the people you recruited in terms of promoting your software? It’s not just in terms of individuals by the way, but as a team.
  • Will: And of course, whoever is in charge of your marketing must have the will to actually push on despite failure and despite the pressure. This is where the headaches come in. If you’d think they’d perform other tasks better when free of such pressure, then outsourcing seems a more logical option.
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