How to Appear Confident During Business Proposals

Business meetings and appointment requires confidence from the sales representative and whoever proposes something to the client. But there are times that one’s service in software really sucks at some point. Nevertheless, this will eventually lead to the downfall of most software related services. It is now what you sell, it is how you sell it even though you know some of the software need some fixing.How to Appear Confident During Business Proposals

You know the saying “Fake it till you make it?”

It turns out that this saying can be applied most of the times in business meetings. Sales representative need to be confident or in other cases, “look confident as possible”. This affect the prospect on how they see you externally. Ultimately, this can have a big impact into your success as a business representative of Software industry. It can also affect the chemicals in your brain to make you actually feel more confident when all is said and done.

In an infographic by Vegas Extreme Skydiving, they compiled some of the best practices in order to look confident even though you are not. It appears that this can help sales representative overcome the dilemma in confidence and appearance.

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7 Steps in Carrying Yourself with Confidence

  1. Make Eye Contact
  2. Practice Power Poses Before Events
  3. Channel Memories of Confidence
  4. Dress for Success
  5. Speak clearly and slowly
  6. Use Supportive Self-Talk
  7. Use your Hands

Being confident is a habit when one rep can master, any sales pitch will turn into a normal talk to him. Imagine pitching the sales with no worries or whatsoever, it becomes much less of a hassle whenever your software sales rep can do this.

Marketing has a lot of ways to deliver the product, and yes. It needs to have confidence in doing so.

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