How To Attract Sales Leads With Simplified Stats

Sales Leads, Software Sales Leads, Lead GenerationLike many software companies, vendors of SCM technologies like to use case studies, reliable research, and impressive statistics to attract sales leads. After all, it’s not very easy to argue with solid proof.

Despite that, many people not only underestimate the amount of effort required but also the effort of determining what actually drives the point home to your prospects. The numbers, percentages, and sheer size of data is double edged. As an analogy, think of it as staring up a giant. For some, a giant’s size is impressive but for others, it’s terrifying. That is the risk you’re taking each time you present findings and research in the hopes of generating software sales leads.

Although, it’s also hard to argue against the inevitable event that a prospect will have people look into the finer details. Many SCM professionals are all about looking more deeply into the flow between suppliers and retailers. The slightest anomaly in any phase is enough to be of grave concern.

Regardless, it’s still a fact that you grab their interest by citing things that hold a lot of significance to them. Attract your SCM leads by using the sales funnel as a guide to focus on the basics of what your prospects want. Only after that should you expound upon them.

  • Step 1: Start with what’s simple – How you begin the conversation between yourself and your prospects slightly depends on your main channel of communication but mostly depends on focusing first on their simple grievances. You should also simplify the research results and find out which of these results are the ones your target businesses are looking for. Speak more in their language but avoid too much jargon (even of the business variety).
  • Step 2: Maintain focus during the conversation For example, if your case findings are available for download on your website, there’s a chance that you’ll get emailed about a certain quotation. Focus only on that. They expressed concern about this part for a reason and that reason it’s something they consider very relevant to their own situation. When elaborating, still keep simplicity in mind. Exert all effort if you want but don’t demand the same from your prospect.
  • Step 3: Qualify within reasonable parameters – All right so your conversation is going good. The prospect is getting more interested in the results and wants to experience the same for his or her company. Yet despite that, there’s still a desire to keep the discussion going. You (or at least your marketers) are hitting the limits of their own knowledge. Signs like these are indicators that it’s time to qualify. Politely tell them that your salespeople know more and are willing to go deeper into what solutions can be offered.

Generating sales leads has always been about starting with simple information and then diving deeper into the complex. SCM professionals aren’t total strangers to this as some of them actually have to exercise these same skills when reporting findings to their own superiors (as well as subordinates). But like them, you have to start first with the simplified stats.

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