How to Lose Software Leads by Pushing Critics Towards Your Competitors

Okay say you’re a small company. You’ve been like that for a long time. You don’t get a lot of software leads but at least you get enough to keep your business sustainable.

Overshadowing you is a larger player whose got bigger plans, bigger market shares, and making bigger moves to the point that you feel like a hotdog stand right across a McDonald’s.

A situation like that just seems so one-sided, you can’t possibly win right? What do you do?

Well, here’s what you don’t do: Push naysayers towards your competition.

This isn’t just a matter of not giving up in the face of bigger, better competitors. It’s actually more reasonable to stand fast in defense of whatever niche you still occupy instead of unintentionally pitching your rivals.

Imagine you’re a cashier and you just read about the latest technologies that could very well take over your job. Are you going to start doing an even worse job at the counter just because you can scream, “Well, why not just fire me and hire a robot!?”

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Something so unprofessional and so immature shouldn’t make itself felt even in your own marketing strategy. In the face of competitors who demand better, here are more obvious responses:

  • Give more bang for their buck – If you’re using lower prices as an advantage, telling prospects that they might as well spend big on a larger competitor is only going to undermine it. What if another competitor of the same size just happens to come along and offer better services for just the same amount? You’ll end up looking foolish. Better that you focus on giving more bang for a prospect’s buck, even if it still falls short.
  • Consolidate your niche – A hotdog stand might lose to a fastfood chain but what if all a consumer wants is a hotdog? This is what it means to keep your on your own niche and make what you can with it. Qualify your leads by looking for more nuances in simpler objectives. If all you sell is really just easy-to-install accounting software, then learn about why customers like it.
  • Steer clear of the giant – Lastly, you can simply find another niche elsewhere. This might sound like giving up except that avoiding the giant makes it harder for prospects to compare what you do to something that’s not there. On the other hand, a hotdog stand telling its unsatisfied customers to just go to a McDonald’s might end up losing business because that’s exactly what the customers will do from that point on.

Saying that your prospects might as well call IBM or stick to using Salesforce is a whole lot worse than traditionally losing out to those businesses. You’re practically sealing your fate before you could even think carefully about what you can still market.

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