How To Tweak Telemarketing To Discover Overlooked Problems

Telemarketing, Outsourced Telemarketing, Software LeadsOutsourcing telemarketing doesn’t always make it cheap. The actual process can be tweaked to discover software problems that tend to be overlooked. Of course, you can’t entirely put people at fault for underestimating these problems. On the surface level, some of the tasks the involve business software tend to look mundane and repetitive.

Underneath that though is a very important system that handles information critical to the daily functions of a business. Any problems that occur within these systems can cause multiple business processes to halt. Why would you be in this industry if such dangers were non-existent? With the right targeting, you can use telemarketing to draw attention to these problems as well as keep in touch in case more come up.

Below is just one case of underestimating a software problem’s impact, taken from Crain’s Chicago Business:

United Airlines has been experiencing a systemwide outage of their passenger service system (PSS), SHARES, since at least 3:20p Eastern time. This system is used for reservations, ticketing, check-ins, etc. It is not operationally involved with safety of aircraft, but is critical for checking in and, in some cases, boarding passengers. It is expected to have a significant impact on United’s airline this evening as flights will be delayed substantially because passengers will be unable to checkin for their flights as well as the other operational roles of SHARES.”

Read closely. It says right there that while the system isn’t involved in the safety of aircraft (a major concern for both passenger and airline employee), it’s still critical for another important business process: check-ins.

While compared to, say, the dangers of aircraft malfunction, you’d be tempted to take trouble at the check-in counter any day. That still doesn’t take away the reality that check-in time can poses as a major hurdle when catching a flight. If any of you have ever taken a single business trip, you’d admit this to be true.

Starting with outsourced telemarketing, you can determine similar information software problems so as to prevent delays in similar business processes. A few advantages you can make use of are:

  • Getting a prospect’s attention: Some information problems tend to take a higher priority on a prospect’s mind. That’s why it’s important to ask them questions that would point to a problem they consider a lower priority. A well-timed phone call will not only get their attention, squeeze in a brief conversation will give them a cause to rethink about their priorities.
  • Determining a problem: Be warned, not everything that is perceived to be a problem turns out so. That’s another advantage of telemarketing. You have agents that are trained to easily adjust their message and their questions in order to really get a clear picture of their prospect’s situation.
  • A surefire follow-up: Not everyone will automatically consider so it’s only proper for a telemarketing crew to call at some other time. They might even leave a calling card of some sort, like an informative email. This sets everything up for the next time they call.

Qualifying sales leads requires problem identification. This includes identifying problems that are often overlooked because they don’t seem so urgent at first glance. Tweak your telemarketing advantage by focusing on its ability to draw attention to a problem and follow-up on it to make sure it’s not underestimated.

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