Inbound Software Leads – Watch Them Closely

Software leads may not be like window shoppers but you can learn a lot from the latter’s habits when it comes to finding out what your potential customers want. What is interesting is that your target market generally has a lot less time to browse than the typical mall hopper. That should give you more reason to watch in your inbound software leads closely because there is definitely a reason for they are there.

Tracking Inbound Software Leads

Software Leads, CRM Software Leads, Lead GenerationYou do not need to get into the specifics of website tracking or anything to understand this concept first. The point is that when software leads come to you, there has to be a reason. Websites do not even have to do anything with this. Its the raw idea that when your sales leads come to your business, something must have brought them there. What comes next is finding out exactly what that is:

Suppose your software leads are for CRM and your software leads are coming in a manner akin to a retailer. What exactly do you watch out for that can tell you why they are there?

  • Are they looking for something? – You can hear this straight from things like contact forms or by just watching their eyes (virtual and physical). Good software leads should tell you what it is that catches their attention and brings you one step closer to finding out their needs.

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  • Do they look uncertain? – You can tell a prospect is uncertain from the very way they understand what you are offering. That is: it is imperfect. But you know what? That can be a good thing because at times the best CRM software leads come from those that have started to have a need for things like CRM systems to help with their own customers.
  • They are loitering – Loiterers are bad for business for a lot of reasons but that is also why they are easier to spot than genuine customers. They are not there to buy. Plain and simple. You think there are no equivalent loiterers for big business B2B and CRM? One need only look at how many spam entries are mistaken for CRM software leads or how many websites are infiltrated via their social media exposure.

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Remember, the concepts above are so basic that they apply to either B2B or B2C. And ultimately, the behavior you watched in your inbound software leads can always indicate the one thing your software lead generation process needs to get going: Needs.

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