Inbound Telemarketing – There Is Still A Need For The Human Element

Telemarketing, B2B Leads, Sales LeadsContrary to popular opinion, telemarketing only continues to improve with the advancement of new technologies. In outbound marketing it sees integrated use with email, website, and social media. And just last week, CNNMoney has reported that creators of Apple’s Siri are now creating a similar voice application that offers integrated support for customer service call centers.

The application has been dubbed “Nina” and comes with features that not only assists customers troubleshoot their own problems, it will assist customer support agents in resolving the more complicated ones. These same agents still use telemarketing, as hinted below.

The software can also check balances, transfer money, and troubleshoot problems, among other tasks. Nuance said the idea is to make Nina smart and fast enough to encourage users to go to the app first, before dialing a human customer service representative.

If a customer’s issue needs to be handled by a human being, Nina comes with a neat trick: The software can call a rep and provide the company with all the details of what the customer has been trying to accomplish. That means no more sorting through an endless series of call center menus and then having to explain the problem again when you finally get a human being on the other end of the line.

Nina also comes with an analytics engine that informs companies about how customers are using their apps.

‘People will ask their phone different things than they would a representative on the phone,’ said Robert Gary, general manager of Nuance’s mobile care unit. ‘Knowing what people ask Nina will help them determine what should be automated and what shouldn’t.’”

Reading that last paragraph, it’s also implied that this new type of technology has much potential even outside customer support. For instance, it can improve the ways that businesses receive feedback. And as you’re well aware, the power of market feedback can really shape the whole of your software company. Knowing what and what not to automate is just the beginning. It can also tell you what B2B market wants your software to handle and produce. This can direct the whole of your next campaign to generate software leads.

However, you also shouldn’t forget that all these improvements are still for the sake of the human element. It should not be solely bent on being a replacement for it. Aside from customer support, professional telemarketers can also use similar data-gathering technologies used by Nina to deliver more accurate assessments on current customers as well as prospects. For example, if you’re a cloud-based solution provider, you can study the way your software is being used and then have marketers use their insight to determine new demands. Some might think even experienced marketers and salespeople are unable to process large volumes of information but neither can a machine really reach the same level of insight as they can. If anything, the limits of applications like Nina are only an indication.

Thus, both human and technological elements should compliment each other instead of trying to compete. Telemarketing needs to continue improve and not just cursed to die. People never know when the improvements will give far better results than just replacements.

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One thought on “Inbound Telemarketing – There Is Still A Need For The Human Element

  1. Matilda

    It will be interesting to see how this new application could be implemented in ERP software and CRM software. Would Nina have better understanding of different accents or would it only respond to American accents like Siri with the Iphone?

    Would there be more possibilities of data errors due to the application not recognising the speech?

    I could see how it would be effective in quickly registering the customers name and contact information but would be wary of using a product like this without seeing tested results first.


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