IT Sales Lead Generation Tips – Dealing With Doomsday Preppers

IT sales professionals are used to a myriad of urgent reasons for why a prospect accepts or rejects their proposal. But out of all them, this takes the cake: the end of the world. Believe it or not, but I’ve had encounters with people like that myself outside of work. Because of that, I know how easily the doomsday mentality can seep into business and affect IT sales by influencing decisions.

How The Apocalypse Can Improve Or Diminish Your IT Sales Success

IT Sales, IT Sales Leads, Lead GenerationIf you browse the National Geographic channel like I do on occasion, you may have already heard of Doomsday Preppers. But just from the few minutes of it that I’ve watched, I could tell how a Prepper’s mindset could be good or bad for the success of IT sales:

  • Good for IT sales – A main concern of these Preppers is supply. And in business, they are not alone when it comes to needing SCM software that helps them keep track. This makes them good SCM leads for business software vendors. A little word of caution though, some of these people may not fully grasp what your software can do. Make sure your IT sales representatives are willing to educate them while treading lightly around the issue of doomsday.
  • Bad for IT sales – Although, perhaps it is more commonplace to believe that a doomsday mentality actually makes a prospect harder to discuss business with. The world is about to end so why bother right? It is like the more extreme version of business owners vowing to leave the country due to political/economic reasons. Luckily for you, this is your chance to overcome the challenge of gently correcting them with less sensational facts. And at the very least, it keeps your business from losing any more IT sales because of apocalyptic predictions.

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So as you can see, both opposite cases share one common but important point. In order to make successful IT sales from these Preppers, you need to play the role of the patient and well-informed educator. Another thing you would notice from these Preppers is that their tendency to imagine a more simplistic world. In fact, we could be talking about a world were IT sales leads do not matter because much of our present technology would be rendered obsolete. Crazy those ideas may be, you should not hesitate to question them or even offer technology that would be capable of withstanding whatever supposed disaster they are predicting.

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As tempting as it is (and has been) to make fun of these people, you still have to keep things professional. Good behavior is one of the first steps for IT sales professionals. This is followed with the concept of sales lead generation finding needs before attempting any IT sales.

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