Lead Generation And Marketing – The Other Half Of Business

Recently, both consumers and businesses alike have come to question the need for lead generation and marketing. It all starts with a very valid question: Is promotion all that a business is about?

Well technically, it is not but that does not mean it a process your business can do without. A software business is not all about accounting either but you also needed to keep budgets in check and make sure taxes are paid.

Sales Leads Are A Staple

Lead Generation, Lead Generation Companies, Sales LeadsYour B2B leads serve to fulfill a critical need as well as the strategies you use to set up your business’s image. Though at this point, the question about marketing repeats itself: Is image so important in business? Well if you are still not convinced, why not ask the people at Violin Memory? According to a recent article from Wired, the company seeks to change the data-storage industry through not just the efforts of engineering design and technical skill but has admitted that PR and marketing play their own important roles.

Violin knows this all too well, and it’s intent on painting itself as the anti-EMC. ‘Violin has gone from being a very technical company run by engineers to being a company that knows business and PR,’ says Jim Handy, an analyst with research outfit Objective Analysis. ‘There a very strong belief that if you build a better mouse trap, the world will beat a path to your door, but that really doesn’t happen. You can make something better, but that isn’t all it takes to be successful.’”

From this quote, you can already guess what kind of role this might be. But if you are still having difficulty pinning it down, here are some basic objectives that various marketing strategies tend to focus on.

  • They are their own small service – However small it maybe, marketers already provide a convenient service to potential buyers. Mainly, they inform them about your product, give it appeal, and can even offer advice on how to best use it.

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  • It communicates with your target market – This has actually been the traditional role of marketing even before the age of software and computers. If you think about it, people have always obtained information about a company from its PR and marketing materials.
  • It lets your market communicate with you – Customer support also serves a marketing function by opening your business to feedback. Feedback is good because the insight can reach further up into development. In fact, lead generation companies use inbound campaigns that operate along the same lines.

It is understandable that putting yourself in the spotlight can come off as arrogant. On the other hand, keeping your business deliberately in the dark does not make any logical sense either. Worse than that, it undermines the number of opportunities for you to keep your business going and growing.

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Finally, in regards to communication, marketers also know how to take attributes of your business that are not normally understood and then ‘translate’ it into the language being used by your customers. Technical jargon is not always a plus in your target market after all. It takes more than just the product itself to succeed in business. Start generating more software sales leads and fill up the other half of it!

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