Lead Generation Companies and Global Standards of Living

What do these two have in common? Well if you’ve ever outsourced your lead generation process offshore, it wouldn’t be surprising if global standards of living had to do with an outsourced company’s wages and labor practices.

Granted, it’s really a hot-button topic. You’ve got politics. You’ve got human rights issues. It’s really a mess but today we’re just going to talk about how differences in these standards impact the global competition among onshore and offshore companies.

In a nutshell, standards of living form a prime yardstick that differentiates developed from developing nations. It factors in statistics such as the quality of life, level of comfort and material goods, as well as the availability of employment.

On that last note, here are three areas that are discussed heavily in the outsourcing industry (including lead generation companies).

  • Service quality – Every industry has its standards. For instance, lead generation companies (regardless of location) need to be up to speed on how technology is creating new marketing trends. In some cases, it may even be prudent to outsource social media marketing to tech companies specialized in it. Meanwhile, call centers remain a necessity for qualifying inbound and outbound calls and these are popularly outsourced offshore.
  • Wages – Like it or not, there really is a huge gap between so-called offshore countries to countries where critics demand that they return those jobs to its own citizens. In India, the country’s improving growth has yet to remedy a 1.2 billion population that lives on less than a dollar a day.  Meanwhile, despite a sinking middle class, American households earned a hundred times that.
  • Job desirability – I would argue that this area is often overlooked by those outsourcing. But logically speaking, it makes sense that a job’s popularity affects the population of people willing to take it. On Forbes, among the top jobs listed are software engineer, actuary etc. Meanwhile, jobs like lumberjack and mail carrier take a back seat. It kind of makes you wonder where B2B telemarketer is on that list.

Granted, you have every duty to avoid outsourcing to companies with shady labor practices (offshore or onshore). On the other hand, even legitimate ones are not free from the effects of different standards of living. When you have a marketing process that needs outsourcing, try thinking if the pay would be worth it, the job appeals to those outside, and  you can expect quality service in return.

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