Lead Generation Services – Bait With Outbound, Reel With Inbound

Contrary to their popular image of tanning themselves in yachts or beside pools, business executives are busy people. Know someone who thinks that they just sit at a desk all day? Tell them to think again. In fact, if you’re running a company that supplies things like project management or business intelligence software, you may have already had first-hand experience of what these people face.


Another interesting fact is that this also makes them very hard to reach and qualify for software leads. They’re so busy handling so many departments and keeping track of where their companies are headed that only those with a strong need for better software are likely to respond.


Some people actually suggest giving them a phone call. Granted, it does get their attention. However, is it the right kind of attention? The thing is, they hire gatekeepers for a reason. You’re going to have to get past him or her before you can actually talk to the executive in question. What’s really bad though is that these people are good at what they do.


Still, what’s interesting is that certain telemarketing companies have also devised a way to test the waters as it were by combining telemarketing with the newer techniques involving emails.


Think of the emails as bait. Executives who are strongly in need are likely to see the email and become curious. However, too much information can waste a lot of their precious time. You need grant them control of the pace, just like you have to know when and when not to reel so as the biting fish won’t get away. That’s where the actual telemarketing comes in.
However, why not seek out companies with this strategy and see a clearer picture of how it works?

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