Lead Generation Tips – Handling Post-Election Drama

A typical obstacle in lead generation is a relocating prospect. And in the aftermath of the recent election, a spike in relocation promises seem to be a dramatic (if not cliched) response regardless of who really won. Will this spell a major mess in your marketing campaign?

Using Lead Generation To Break Up The Drama

Lead Generation, Softare Lead Generation, Sales LeadsActually, according to this article from the Atlantic, not even the general population of would-be immigrants really push through (let alone the people you try to qualify for IT leads). A few research studies cited in the article state that this is because people’s responses to major events do not always reflect in future actions.

One research is that of Dan Gilbert in 1994 when George W. Bush competed with Ann Richards to become the 46th governor of Texas:

Shortly before the election, Dan Gilbert and his colleagues asked a sample of voters to predict how they’d feel when their preferred candidate either won or lost the election. Anticipating a Bush victory, the Democratic voters expected to be much less happy than they were before the election, while Republican voters expected to ride a wave of long-term elation. A month later, when the researchers contacted them again, the voters had returned to the business of everyday life, noting that they were just as happy or sad as they had been before the election. The election’s effects on their lives, for good or bad, were surprisingly modest and short-lived.”

Now that you know this, there is no need to put your lead generation strategy on hold. In fact, at least the factors are not as much of a threat to your prospects’ psyche compared to real disasters like Hurricane Sandy. (Though even then, there are cases when demand for certain IT products and services actually arise as a result of post-hurricane recovery.)

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No doubt some of your might still want to play it safe however. Here are a few tips to guide your lead generation campaign in case you run into a prospect suffering political ‘trauma’.

  • Expect the need to follow-up – Contacting prospects right after the results may not be a good idea so politely ask if there would be a better time to call. If they are too distraught even for that, leave them alone for a bit but do not forget to follow-up in a month.
  • Test for those not suffering drama – You are not the only business who has a more sober view of political impact. Implement a small survey in your software lead generation process to point them out. These are the people you can start engaging and qualifying until you follow-up on those still reeling.
  • Adopt a business-as-usual mentality – If there is anything that the article should teach you, it is to value a business-as-usual mentality regardless of political climate. It is not like you or your prospects are Jews living in Nazi Germany. Instead of holding it back, keep your lead generation focused on producing leads so you can focus on more sales.

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Dispel with the fears of having to debate with prospects or sales meetings turning into partisan discussions. There are far more important factors to take note of when you generate sales leads.

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