Lead Generation Tips – Is There Such Thing As Closing Time?

By ‘closing time’, this is nowhere related to the software lead generation term for closing a sale. In fact, its far more simple: the time to simply close the office and call it a day. Now you might think that such a thing is more for retailers or restaurants. Ideally, there should not be a closing time for either your business or its lead generation campaign, correct?

Should Lead Generation Let You Stay Open?

Lead Generation, Software Lead Generation, Software LeadsIn reality though, there are just times when you do have to appear closed. But first, what exactly characterizes ‘closing time’ for a business? And secondly, is there anything your lead generation strategy can do to remedy the inconvenience it might give to your prospect?

What you look like when you are closed:

  • Little to zero business activity – Look at what happens to a mall when it is nearing closing time. You see stalls putting nets over their wares, stores pulling down panels, and finally, the obvious “Closed” sign on the front. The same can be said when your lead generation strategy does not seem active during particular periods.

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  • Slower responses – Even businesses that are supposedly open 24/7 are likely to have varying differences between nighttime versus daytime staff. In lead generation, that means fewer people who can respond plus fewer appointments to made because people think they are the only ones there.
  • Absence of main market – Targeting is a must for any software lead generation strategy. But sometimes, when your main targets are not there, slowing things down can be tempting. Some businesses even take this as an opportunity to recreate their current lead generation strategies for when things pick up again.

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While you can indeed make plans for when things grow more active. However, you should not also forget that any software sales leads -manufacturing management software leads, medical software leads, ERP software leads, payroll software leads- that do come in still deserve your attention. If you are worried about balancing your lead generation sources between active and inactive periods, consider outsourcing. There is nothing really wrong with doing away with closing time. It is just a matter of organizing your lead generation strategy to do something when it appears that there is nothing much to do!

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