Lead Generation Tips – Long-Term Customers Are Like Traditions

Out of all holiday seasons, Christmas is probably the one that has most emphasis on tradition. Whether your reasons are religious or historical, everyone has something special they want to do exclusively to this time of the year.

But you know, there are other aspects to tradition and these aspects have a lot in common with what it means to maintain a long-term business relationship.

No matter how good your current lead generation strategy is, you’ve got to make the choice to go long-term. It’s already accepted fact that you spend less generating new customers when you have an established share of the market that’s familiar with you, trusts you, and makes your organization the first they’ll consult when it comes to your field.

The principle is sound but it’s often the case that execution isn’t as easy as it is on paper. That’s why traditions make for a good analogy.

Traditions are based in history.

Now history doesn’t necessarily have to include hundreds of years or even just decades. It really depends on how they catch on. For example, a mother decides to bake a special pudding for Christmas day even though she’s only been doing it for the past two years.

Likewise, you need to firmly establish a history with a prospect. One can argue that this responsibility carries beyond marketing and straight to the core of your services. But so what? It will affect the success of your marketing regardless.

They are a bigger form of habit.

It’s easy to see the parallel between habits and traditions. The only real difference is in terms of scale and sophistication. But like any good habit, the tradition of keeping good, long-lasting connections with customers require commitment and consistency.

Simply put, you have to get used to dealing with certain customers without tiring from it too much. You have to develop the habits of serving them constantly. Any new trend might impact them or not but you have to vigilantly stay ahead of the curve.

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Use knowledge to enhance

One of the biggest advantages you have when having a history is that you have knowledge that’s accumulated over the years. In healthcare, it’s usually that knowledge that helps primary care physicians from seeing their patients overloaded with drug subscriptions. (And in case you missed it, that’s how you’ve also got a little thing called oral tradition.)

It’s not that different in the context of enterprise software. Knowing a prospect organization for a long-time teaches you things that a new organization cannot easily obtain via online research.

Oftentimes traditions are characterized as rigid, routine, and if not outright superstition or sentimental. In reality, they can be reflections of long-term relationships whether that relationship has to do with ideals or business customers.

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