Lead Generation Tips – Many Hats But Only One Head

Just because your lead generation strategy can wear many hats doesn’t mean the components can be easily separated. Now in principle, it’s good to have a lot of ears in a lot of places because you never know what your customers are saying about you.

However, you’ve still only got one brain to process all the sounds. How do you shift through noise when it fact the noise alone still comprises of all information you need to create sales? Likewise, how do you address a prospect who comes through your website while entertaining a prospect you just tapped after a successful telemarketing call?

This isn’t just an issue about multi-tasking (whether or not you can make a case for it). It’s an issue about how well you can operate even when the body performing all these tasks is suddenly unavailable.

Imagine it like this. Suppose you only have a few people actually comprising your marketing and sales department. These people however do their best by compensating a large segment of tasks by juggling them. One is in charge of email and social media while the other deals with both the calls and the sales appointments. Suddenly, one or two of those people just had to go one leave. What’s the result?

You’re now stranded because a good chunk of your marketing strength just took a vacation (and with Thanskgiving just days away, don’t think this won’t happen).

If you don’t want this to happen, you need to realize that putting all eggs in one basket isn’t just a metaphor for investment. It’s a metaphor for where you put your skills and not having a fallback in case they’re out. Creating a back-up for your back-up sounds like paranoia but not if you know a few ways of doing it cheap:

  • Define a cooldown period – Determine how long a substitute needs to work until things get back on track. Do you want to outsource email for only a days or months? Can you put off social media just for Thanksgiving but not Christmas? This timeframe will help you measure how much it will cost to keep relying on a backup.

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  • Have more than one provider – You don’t have to rely on just one outsourced lead generator to provide the backup processes you need in case of absence. In fact, focus on the process that requires specialization and don’t worry if it’s with another company. It’s no different than going to another store to buy eggs if the first one only has milk.
  • Plan for it when you can – Now there are times when you need to think and adjust on the fly. However, it’s better to plan for the emergency instead of just waiting for it to happen. Outline which company you’d go to in case your own in-house people can’t make it for a while. Don’t also forget to take into consideration the time it would take to integrate them.

Remember, you can wear a lot of hats but you’ve only got one head. If you’re not around, who’s going to wear them? Always know there’s a distinction between number of processes and number of people executing them.

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