Lead Generation Tips – What MMOs Can Teach You

Lead generation is serious business so what exactly can something as lighthearted as games teach you about it? Well, perhaps you might be ignoring the fact that games have a serious side to them as well. More than that, your business and theirs sit right next to each other in terms of industry. You would be surprised at the things that the culture can teach you. For example, it can teach you what it means to find opportunities and work with outsourced services.

Lead Generation – A Task That Requires Third Party Help

Lead Generation, Sales Lead Generation, Sales LeadsOne popular feature in MMO is to create your own organization (most of these are commonly referred to as guilds, factions etc). Now while the structure of your typical MMO group is far more lax and laid back compared to a real business organization, here are some things you guys have in common:

  • You seek opportunities – Guilds have goals and players commonly form one for the sake of prestige and further growth. So naturally, they will seek all means to make a name for themselves. What about you? Your business behaves in the same way! You seek software leads in order to find opportunities to grow, gain experience, and make use of your skills.
  • You recruit – Like guilds, your business hires only the best people for a particular job. For instance, if you are an ERP software vendor, you hire people with skills specializing in accounting, CRM, and BI software. Guilds recruit people with a similar objective. Their style of play is merely the combination of individual classes, abilities, and player styles.
  • You work with other groups – There are many cases when the efforts of even a single guild is not enough (e.g. certain bosses or dungeons are proving too strong). That is why they make alliances with others. If you think this sounds like outsourcing, it actually is! When you feel like you cannot recruit any more for marketing and lead generation, you seek another group that specializes in it!

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  • You explore – One of the funnest things about MMO is the prospect of exploring a wide, virtual world. Guilds are traditionally the ones depicted to be the major groups pioneering in that exploration. Whether it is the group that specializes in scouting out dungeons or the group that specializes in craftsmen, they all play a part in the large expedition. And coincidentally, sales lead generation is a process that is all about exploring. Businesses who specialize in it need to employ all the necessary channels and information routes in order to map out the market for other businesses like yours.

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Given how tech-savvy the IT industry is, these parallels with online gaming should not come as that much of a shock. Like guilds (or even just individual players), the first reason for why you are in business is that you can find opportunities to grow yourself, your employees, and explore possibilities in this world as much players explore fictional ones.

Who knows? Maybe you have played a few yourself and just have not noticed. But now that you do, realize that you should not always feel so worn by the work of needing more lead generation or needing more sales. Reflect on the games you play in your spare time and see what they can also teach you!

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