Lead Nurturing Can Be One Long Video Game – Part 2

Last time, you were shown several reasons why that even after a big marketing win, the game’s not over.

In this second half though, you will learn that perhaps the biggest reason is that there’s still a community out there for you to explore.

Gamers are a great example of why businesses shouldn’t take their target market for granted. For whenever there’s a market, there’s a community. The demand for products and services will keep rising or changing according that community. It makes sense to implement anything that will help you adapt.

Be a friendly camper

Campers are players who are consistently in staying in one spot. They don’t normally support the team by staying in a position far away from them and is satisfied as long as they can take a kill. There is however, such a thing as a friendly camper that actually provides support by camping in spots to prevent the team from being flanked.

In order to nurture successfully, your efforts need to prove similar support. Friendly camping can be like making sure your landing pages actually drive prospects and make sure necessary information is exchanged as promised. You get to stay ‘safe’ but you still need to spot for your team as well by keeping the information flowing on a regular without being overbearing. This prevents an all-too prevalent problem known as information overload. Too much, too soon could deter your prospects away from your business. Lead nurturing lets you ‘camp’ safely in the middle ground but remember that your role is to reach your prospects throughout the buying process in a timely manner.

Remember the roles

A lot of games like throwing in job classes or roles that players would do well to remember. Oddly enough, your prospects can fall into the same type of categorization. Successful lead nurturing reaches out to each group, aligning messages to different prospect types. What you deem as your trump card could be the same weakness that will lead to failure with a particular type of prospect. Different categories should help you identify key points of interests and goals that might have a product appeal to one prospect or turn off another.

For example, you can segment by industry, job function, product interest, activity and lead source. Segmenting efforts ensures that the right information is reaching the right prospects at the right time.

The buyer’s journey

Most often in online games, you’re not the only one exploring the open world. And in the game of lead nurturing, your prospects are on their own little journey as well. In fact, they could even be more inclined to explore the rest of the market rather than help you finish your quest to get a sale.

You need to be aware of where they are in the buyer’s journey. If your organization is nurturing successfully, think yourself as similar to the NPC guides that will help move your prospects through the journey gracefully. Align your messages each time you communicate as each stop in the buyer’s journey will require different kinds of information.

Learn from the Pros

Naturally, good lead nurturing strategies are best handled by professionals. Don’t be afraid to consult qualified individuals on how to strategize and implement the campaign. Many newbies in games are still free to ask help from more experienced players. Why should marketing be any different?

Your nurturing campaign will experience better success if you’re not afraid to ask help from veterans. Outsourcing them isn’t a bad idea either if you have the budget. What’s important to remember is that you know you’re not alone when exploring a community.

It’s time to stop treating your leads as the end-all quest in your marketing campaign. You’ve only gotten the fight but the task of winning it immediately starts there. Real completion comes from growth, building connections, and exploring new content that will help you learn more about your target market.

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