More Ways To Make Sales Leads Out Of Current Cloud Computing Customers

Sales Leasd, B2B Leads, Cloud Computing LeadsWith the use of cloud computing showing no sign of a slowdown, another new type of service is gaining popularity as more companies (and even government agencies) are shifting to the cloud. And as with every new kind of support service, it can lead to a new market of sales leads for current cloud-based service providers.


Known as a Cloud Management Broker, Forbes contributor Kevin L. Jackson paraphrases the definition of the National Institute of Standards:


According to the National Institute of Standards, a Cloud-Management Broker(CMB) ‘provides a cloud-user a unified and enhanced management interface to multiple cloud-providers.’ The institute also identifies the essential features of a CMB as a unified interface, federated cloud-subscriber credentials for multiple cloud-providers, and federated access to multiple cloud-provider programming interfaces.”


Jackson also cites the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services where you’ll find one of the reasons why this could be a new source of sales leads for those already marketing cloud-based enterprise solutions:


There is a growing demand for cloud brokers as intermediaries between end users (such as CMS business owners) and CSPs. From Service Level Agreements (SLAs) with multiple vendors, to compliance and security, a broker handles many cloud related issues for a customer. This approach also enables business owners to switch cloud vendors without worrying about many of the operational details.”


While many cloud-computing marketers and evangelists say that the cost-efficiency of the cloud lies in transferring the costs of maintenance and technical responsibility, there are still a fair number of complications that buyers are concerned about. There’s also of course the usual hassle of managing across multiple providers for particular functions. The interface provided by a cloud management broker should prove useful and hence, the demand.


There are two ways you can locate new cloud computing leads whether you’re a sole provider of this new service or if you’re offering it as support to your own cloud-based solutions:


  • Current Subscribers – Survey your current subscribers and check if they are struggling with handling multiple cloud-based providers, you can use telemarketing or email to contact them and use their need to attract their interest. You can also announce these on your websites and social media profiles.
  • Other Cloud Computing Users – You can mention this new service when targeting prospects who you’ve determined to have cloud management problems. Have your marketers identify usual signs like frustrations with security and compliance issues.


The increasing use of cloud has been both a blessing but that same time, new hassles arise from managing multiple providers and dealing with the complexities of cloud security and compliance. A CMB can help them tie and untangle the knots between buyers and vendors. Your market however still lies in the buyers so it’s only appropriate that you use proper B2B lead generation techniques to identify their needs and qualify them. Use appointment setting to give sales the opportunity to clearly lay out your management solution and interface. The purpose of this new kind of business is to help improve the easiness of shifting into the cloud and managing it. It wouldn’t make sense if it ends up accomplishing the opposite.

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