Overcome Spam-Filters And Set Up A Software Appointment

E-mail technology has really streamlined the task of spreading messages. Gone were the days were you had to write duplicate copies of the same letter by hand. Now all you need is one and a very long list of contacts. With just a click of a button, you can send that one message to all those on that list.


Unfortunately, that is also how digital versions of junk mail get spread round. Spam. Chain letters. All of these come off as ultimately annoying and adds difficulty to cleaning out one’s inbox. Luckily most email service providers come with a free spam filter to take care of them.


This however can be bad news for software companies that still contact their leads via e-mail. It’s even worst for B2B-dependent businesses like ERP software who need to inform important business executives about what they can offer. In turn, ERP leads who need such software might end up missing good opportunities because they’ve automatically activated their spam filter to save their important business messages from getting drowned in junk mail.


This is why business software suppliers turn to telemarketing for leads. You see unlike e-mail, you can’t put a strong filter on telephone calls. It’s true that’s what the gatekeeper of a corporation is for. However, with the right B2B telemarketer, you can easily get past them and get all the information you can in order to market your software to their business. If you’re an international software supplier, even more so. For example, you might need a call center in Singapore in order to gain access to the business decision makers in that area. Resorting to e-mail for them might be an even greater lost cause since they’d rather talk to you directly. If you outsource to a suitable telemarketer now, you’ll have easier time arranging a promising appointment.

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