Professional Telemarketers Can Minimize The Element Of Nasty Surprise

When people find themselves on the end of a cold call, the thing that burns them the most is that they weren’t expecting the call and are hardly in the mood for having someone try to sell them something. It comes to no surprise then that the more experienced telemarketing groups do all they can to minimize cold-calling (or at least, anything that people would cause people recognize their calls as such).

Now what’s one surefire way to make sure those warning bells don’t sound? Well one of the most effective means is for a calling agent come off as an observer of sorts. What does this mean? Well suppose you’re a B2B business, specializing in something like ERP software. You’ve decided to outsource to an appropriate telemarketing group for software lead generation.

When the time comes to create a script, the first thing the agent should keep in mind is the information you and the telemarketers have managed to gather on companies most likely in need of ERP software solutions. The most important part is information of problems that leave no room for doubt that the company has a need.

The knowledge of that need must be carefully exploited. It goes like this. When the agent finally makes the call, they can use that information and use it as their basis for why they would assume a company would need to see what you have to offer. Even if it ends up in a rejection, at the very least it won’t be a heated one. No business executive would automatically reject a caller that has knowledge of their company problems and can offer a solution.

So give it a shot. If you’re planning on outsource to a telemarketer, make sure that this is how they roll and you can worry less about giving your future clients that nasty, cold-calling surprise.

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