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Blogging for lead generation can get boring. And when it comes to business software, it is hard to wonder why some people think the corporate world is out of touch. Fortunately, the rise of online marketing has been calling everyone to add a more human (and humorous) side to their work. In fact, even a larger firm could find relief in less tech talk, less business jargon, and more of the funny stuff.

Funky Lead Generation Blogs

Lead Generation, Sales Lead Generation, Software LeadsThe following are some of the past blogs that try to draw amusing parallels between the role of your marketing, your software, the way you qualify ERP leads and the numerous tropes and themes found in popular media:

  • Lead Generation Tips – Show Your Customers Are Not Misers: Are your customers tired of being called a Scrooge? It gets even harder when you give them tools that just helps them count money. On the other hand, why not help them along and help spread an image showing what real good comes from counting cash?
  • Appointment Setting Tips – Outsource A Ninja: Ninjas and appointment setters have a lot in common when it comes to sales lead generation and setting appointments. You need people who can share information secretly and help set meetings with allies under the watchful of your competitors.
  • SCM Lead Generation – Keeping An Eye On Supply: War may be a serious subject but there is a lot of fun found in the element of strategy. Viewing your software as a means of seeing the process like a game can put your perspective closer to any prospect’s.
  • Lead Generation Tips – Say No To Cheat Codes!: Speaking of games, nothing takes the fun out of one than excess cheating. The best way it does that is by removing all the need to challenge yourself and at the cost of negative consequences in the long-term. Say no to cheat codes whether it is in gaming or business!
  • Lead Generation Tips – What MMOs Can Teach You: If you have ever had a taste of this kind of gaming culture, you realize that your business has a lot in common with the popular in-game groups known as guilds. Like real businesses, you seek opportunities, recruit the best people, and are willing to work with other guilds to meet a greater goal.
  • Software Leads And Rough Business: Your clients do not always have to be big-time executives in suits and board rooms. Sometimes they could be those on the rougher side of business. And in the case of this blog, few things are rougher than super-powered bounty hunting.
  • Lead Generation Tips – Walking Through Wonderland: Some businesses can stage a grand conflict inside purely for the sake of scaring you off. It is like you are following a white rabbit and end up in the wacky world of Alice’s Wonderland. Know who is playing what part lest you go mad yourself!

As you can see, business does not always have to give the impression of the go-getting salesperson or the prim-and-proper CEO. With the likes of Mark Zuckerberg representing a new generation of entrepreneurs and business owners, sometimes throwing in funny comparisons hits closer to home. Attracting ERP software leads does not have to be out of touch.

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