Simplifying Lead Generation Is Like Retelling An Inside Joke

I think it’s obvious that I’m quite the geek and one of the perks of being one is that you understand how a single concept can be told in two different ways to two different audiences (if not more). It’s a really handy skill that can improve a lot of areas in your lead generation campaign. From content to engagement, it can speed up the way a prospect processes information without the overload.

Here’s one example that really got me by surprise: the hashtag #ExplainAnAnimePlotBadly

Like a lot of marketers, I use Twitter as a primary resource portal. Most of the time I check the news but sometimes I even check the hashtags to check what topics are really trending. So as you can imagine, I was just a bit stunned to see anime actually being mentioned in a top ranking hashtag. Why? It’s because I think we all know how these particular hashtags are indicators of a very big audience. Being a bit of an anime fan myself, I really didn’t expect a hashtag like this to really break out.

At the heart of the hashtag though, you can clearly see the fun thing about telling jokes in a different sort of language. There I was laughing at some of the tweets but not just because I ‘got it.’ I liked them because they all sounded funny even if you didn’t know half the series being talked about (which included Attack on Titan, Sword Art Online, and Sailor Moon).

  • Irreverent humor can engage audiences – Look at the pumpkin craze that’s been happening lately. It’s not so much about the actual squash but the symbolism tied to it. Sure, prospects like to know the facts but don’t you think they’ll take them better when you deliver these facts with humorous analogies instead of just your run-o-the-mill statistics report.

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  • Recreating something for everyone – Alienation is always something to avoid but that’s easier when you know how to make a topic sound funny to the audience listening. It means you understand the way they think all the while balancing it with what else you think they need to know about the topic.
  • It sets up a good entry point for first-time buyers – I think the hashtag I mentioned could possibly spark more interest in anime. After all, surely some of you might be wonder what wacky series we’re actually talking about. You can imagine that with the way your audience perceives your company. If you present in a way that’s humorous or bizarre, you spark their curiosity. Curiosity creates the first step into your sales funnel.

Efficiency doesn’t have to be at the expense of creativity (and vice-versa). And in this case, creativity can actually enable efficiency. People find it easier to understand a particular topic if you know how to put in a smaller package.

Like a joke!

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