Social Media And Software Telemarketing

Employing social media for lead generation services is becoming yet another fast-growing business trend involving the internet. For consumer-oriented businesses, creating a product page that doubles as a fan page for those who use it can make for an interesting Client Relations tool. It’s apparently quite easy too.


However, what about B2B companies like those in ERP Software? Tech-savvy they may be, it’s easy to make a mistake of creating a page for your products on Facebook only to see that it’s not getting as many views as you expected.


This is most likely because the few but important people that might benefit from B2B software are people too busy talking on their phones and discussing things in meetings to surf on Facebook. This isn’t to discourage you from trying out social media, however it’s always best to combine something new with what is tried and true.


Telemarketing can work real well with social media for generating software leads. Be it via outbound telemarketing and getting prospects to look up your firm on Facebook or inbound, where it’s good to have professional agents on standby to take their calls. Combining both can really help cover all your bases when it comes to full communication with the people you want to sell to.


In fact, there are even telemarketers who also do a bit of social media marketing on the side. If you outsource to them now, you can save yourself the costs of creating an in-house team yourself and while guaranteeing both you and your clients all the means of talking with each other.

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