Software Lead Generation – Bust Myths, Don’t Make Them

Lead Generation, Sales Lead Generation, Lead GeneratorCreating myths might sound fun if you’re a fan of the subject. That doesn’t mean they’re good in other fields like software and marketing. Unfortunately, sometimes lead generation and marketing campaigns add to that problem by contributing to hype.

It’s a common point of criticism against both B2B and B2C marketers. Yes, their job is to promote. Yes, you need to let potential clients know about you (even if you have to outsource the process).

No, you do not create excess hype to that end. Your sales lead generation strategy mustn’t attract prospects through common software myths and misconceptions.

If you a want an example, and a recent one at that, consider cloud computing software. Many cloud service providers always pitch the same (but still believable) benefits. It reduces costs, eases infrastructure, and even opens up greater possibilities for businesses. Unfortunately, too much focus on these benefits causes prospects to overlook what it takes to really experience them and thus, they act based on common cloud computing myths.

For a brief review on what these myths are, Gigaom has published a list of 6 pitfalls that your prospects must know to avoid when going to the cloud. In the following are just a few citations from it and how your marketers can take part of the blame for the misconception:

2. Go public…if you’re big”

How big is your enterprise? How costly is downtime? How much of a control freak are you? If you answered “massive,” “massively costly,” and “massively type-A,” then the public cloud probably isn’t for you. Outages—though extremely rare—can still occur. “Four nines” uptime sounds great, but it’s also unrealistic. Can your org can handle downtime if your public-cloud data is unavailable?”

This is not just about determining the business size of your cloud computing leads but also relating that size to the kind of customer service they must have. Whether you’re marketing your cloud service to large or small businesses, you need to both make sure that the shoe fits and make sure you lay out the kind of customer support they will have.

4. Don’t worry about security”

Your proprietary data’s safe there. Probably. But public-cloud breaches — though extremely rare — (say it with me) can still occur. And they can be costly. (What’s your cloud data worth to you?)”

Security always has and always will be a major issue for cloud service providers. There’s no getting around the reality that putting something online makes it good game for hackers and cyber criminals. The good news is a combination of good marketing and quality service will demonstrate that it’s more than worth the risk. Don’t be intimidated by popular hacking groups and their publicized threats. What you need to focus on is transparency between yourself and your customers in terms of your security. Be ready to share information and advise them during such events.

The beauty of myths comes from the fact that they’re too good to be true. That’s nice for telling stories but not for promoting your software product. The best way to bust myths though is through replacing them with facts. Facts should be what runs in your messages, not myths.

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