Software Lead Generation Tips – Raw Skills, Innuendo, and Plain English

Making prospect education a part of your lead generation campaign isn’t just very common. It’s the groundwork for the entire conversation you’ll be having. You need that conversation to really finish the process with a qualified prospect.

But what happens when a supposed prospect just doesn’t get the terms? The secret lies in raw skills and innuendo.

You know innuendos don’t always have to be sexual in nature. (Look at Mafia lingo!) What’s most intriguing about them however is that they demonstrate a mini-marvel of language: Synonymity.

Sadly, this little feature is often underused in the software and tech sectors. Yes, there should be a point where everyone should get with the times and not act like somebody’s grandparents. That’s no excuse to avoid communicating better to the non-initiated.

Oddly enough, raw skill with technology is the best way to demonstrate the importance. In fact, let’s not start with something sophisticated like CRM or SCM. Let’s take the guitar. A guitar is an instrument, therefore a piece of technology.

There are a lot of terms used by people when playing the guitar (including technical terms and innuendo). However, there’s always that moment when you think you’re teaching a newbie but they demonstrate remarkable talent even though they’ve never really learned the terms. You teach them how to choke a string but they surprise you because they’ve already learned how. They just don’t know that you called it choking.

software lead generation

Another personal example is from card games. When I first played the likes of Magic or Yu-Gi-Oh!, I didn’t know anything about ‘board control’ or ‘card advantage.’ That didn’t stop me from having a knack for killing everything on the table and having a lot of cards in my hand. (Yes, that’s what those two terms mean).

Finally, let’s take a more professional example. You can educate a prospect about tracking, database maintenance, and lead scoring. That doesn’t mean they don’t already have a talent for keeping an an eye on potential clients, habitually checking their records, and knowing which of two or three customers is more likely to want an immediate appointment with your sales rep.

Understanding the disparity between their knowledge of terms and raw skill comes with a lot of benefits:

  • It saves up time on lecturing because they just needed to know the words.
  • It teaches you not to underestimate your prospect’s learning capacity.
  • You will know when it’s better to show than to just tell.

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