Software Lead Generation Tips – Subtle or Not, A Prod is a Prod

First off, I think it’s  good thing that so-called ‘traditional marketing’ is finding it challenging to stay relevant in a world where people aren’t so easily fooled by the same old tricks. There are many who are already advocating the approach of selling without a selling, marketing without marketing etc.

But you know, at the end of the day you’re still doing the same thing (at least, if we go by the most essential definition of sales and marketing). Just because you’ve figured out a subtle way to do it doesn’t change the fact that your lead generation strategy is still about finding potential customers.

And without further ado, here’s as to why that’s not a bad thing.

In the midst of all these changes to the marketing and sales paradigm, there’s a like a panicked aversion to coming off as promotional. That’s understandable given how highly critical your audience can be. It is however, only up to a certain point. Beyond that point, there is an unhealthy fear of anything that bears the marketing and sales label.

The best way to do away with this fear is to simply admit it. You’re still in need of marketing and sales. The tactics might differ but the objective remains the same. Bottom line is there is and there never will be something inherently unethical about wanting to find potential customers to sell to.

But following that, what are the perks of subtly prodding your prospects throughout your sales funnel?

  • It requires familiarization – This isn’t just limited to knowing everything about your product or whatever field your business is in. (That helps too though.) It also includes familiarity with a prospect. Avoiding anything that sounds like a pitch can be easy. Taking time to engage and learn more about the prospect’s business situation is the real challenge.

software lead generation

  • It requires positioning – You need to rethink your position in the most physical sense before even thinking about market share. Where do you think a prospect is most likely to have a need while simultaneously taking notice of your technology? Could it be a tradeshow? Online search? Social media connections?
  • It requires a different type of ‘gaming’– You’ve heard many complain about marketers gaming any sort of system to get them more eyeballs. (Yes, Google, we heard you the first time.) But in actuality, there will always be something to ‘game’ in order to really put you in the best position. That’s what makes it the best follow-up after learning where your prospects are most likely to pursue a course of action in your sales funnel.

Because no matter how you look at it, you still want people to pay you for your stuff. The only significant difference is that there’s more focus on knowing the kind of stuff they’d really, really want/need. And I repeat: That is not a bad thing.

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