Software Leads – Blogs On Preserving Them

Your software leads are just the start of your sales process but that does not mean you should not do everything you can to preserve them as much as you generate them. If you do anything to waste your business leads, you are reducing your lead generation campaign to a futile effort.Software Leads, ERP Software Leads, Lead GenerationThe following is a short list of blogs on this site that touch on the subject of keeping your software leads preserved and what are things to avoid so that they stay preserved for your salespeople.

Software Leads – Two Of The Worst Ways To Use Them

This blog discusses the two extremes in which B2B leads are treated. You either generate too much beyond your business’ capacity to close and serve or you believe you have absolutely no need for them when venturing off. Both are paths that lead to the same destination: failure.

Use Software Leads To Get Out Of Hibernation

Even though it is January, some businesses and their sales teams are still stuck in hibernation. Defrost them out of their post-holiday stasis by using software leads that will charge them up and challenge them to get moving again.

How IT Sales Can Save More Opportunities

This blog is dedicated more to the salespeople themselves and gives a general overview on what they must do to get the most out of their ERP software leads. Avoid lying and expanding beyond a profit motive sound pretty basic but their constant neglect is also common place. It bears repeating.

Tips For Getting Software Leads – Avoid The Nerd Talk

This one is targeted more specifically to the IT industry. You have to face the facts. Having all that computer science comes in handy when you have finally set down to work for a client. It is the complete opposite when you are just trying to engage and communicate with prospects.

The cost of software lead generation tends to spike not because the process itself is buggy but maybe because the leads themselves are wasted on bad sales practices. Evaluate first how sales are treated prior to criticizing your lead generator.

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