Software Leads And Rough Business

Among your software leads, there are many businesses who are quite prestigious, professional, and their line of work is pretty high-end. Your prospects work in the high-rise skyscrapers and everything looks straight out of Suits or The Office.

On the other end though, these are not always the full face of the business world (despite their tendency to be). And in reality, while you often imagine prospects in suits, you also get those whose business is just a wee bit on the rough side.

When Software Leads Bring In A Different Kind Of Work

Software Leads, HR Software Leads, Lead GenerationFor example, say you are an HR software developer and you just started marketing a feature that allowed employers to dispatch a mobile work force. The thing about mobile workers however is that more than half are in a field where a suit is quite inappropriate. You are talking construction teams, repair men, and basically any sort of work force that needs to be on the go. A product like yours is likely to attract these types as HR leads.

In fact, you might even be called to reach out to these businesses in order to bridge the gap between those in suits and those just trying to make a living without wearing them. More than that, the latter contributes just as much to consumers and to society as a whole. That means customizing tools in order to suit them both in terms of budget and work culture. They have as much right to be your software leads as larger businesses.

Though speaking of which, you could say that looking to the culture in these rough businesses can be a fun thing. It is almost like a game and Suits is not the only good show out there that features a business in action.

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In the case of your mobile HR application, try imagining it in the hands of someone like say the manager of a bounty hunting gang. Better yet, imagine these are super-powered bounty hunters. You or your salespeople find yourselves in a city where the crime prevention program has turned bounty-hunting into a decent way to earn a living. If your software leads are as accurate as your marketers say they are, they should advise on the following:

  • Know who’s who – Usually in such settings, you need to set the good guys from the bad guys. In terms of actions however, you can recognize the former. That is just one of the important details that your HR software leads should give. You would not want your software in the wrong hands.
  • Ditch the suit – As much as you may love them, suits will attract attention and not always the right kind. Remember, you are more likely to find the gang’s manager in a garage, a bar, or even an arcade than a corner office. It might sound unconventional but getting fashion insight from your software leads is becoming more of a necessity these days.
  • Keep it simple – The thing about rough business is that it may not be as complicated compared to what you do. Your software needs to keep it that way. Speak closer to their language. For example, show how the software just basically sets up a job online, where only their people can see it, and leave it up to them to take it up. Avoid tossing technical terms lightly.

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You do not always encounter suits in B2B lead generation. Rough business is still business.

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