Software Leads for Your Dynamite Rabbit

If you’ve watched Monty Python and the Holy Grail, there’s no doubt you’ve heard of the killer rabbit. Formally known as the Rabbit of Caerbannog, it’s a top pop culture symbol for cute and deadly. But you know, have you ever thought that your enterprise software could also come off as a killer rabbit? Exactly how would this concept help you generate more software leads?

First, you’re doing a slight reversal. Instead of getting people to kill the rabbit, you’re essentially trying to sell off your technology as a killer component in a business’ overall enterprise strategy. But hey, does it really look that way?

Here’s another analogy, say you’ve some really sophisticated spy gear. It’s got supersonic sensors, multiple types of vision, and even hidden tasers. But there’s just one tiny design flaw that you don’t mention to wannabe super spies.

It looks like a rabbit costume.

Oh but really, do appearances matter? It can still do a pretty good job right? Surely, the answer is obvious!

True, but how many people are that quick to forego appearances?

No matter how smooth you are at planning lead generation strategies, you should always know better than to leave things up to chance.

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  • Evaluate your marketing content – Oftentimes, the kind of design flaws discussed here are usually the work of misaligned marketing content. In these cases, it’s usually enough to just change the look and feel of your websites so as to make it look truer to your value proposition.
  • How value proposition justifies – In other cases, maybe having a cutesy, rabbit-ey look is one of those darn necessities you can’t get rid of. So what do you do? Start anticipating the hesitation that your design inspires and get prospects to really look at what it can do. (Oh and, why the look seems necessary.)
  • Present a bigger alternative – Or perhaps, it’s more accurate to say there’s an upgrade waiting for your prospects if they’re willing to invest first in your solution. You can start with a system that feels like a rabbit but then can move up to something even more vicious. (Think the Black Beast of Aaaaaaarrrrrrggghhh right after Monty’s knights got rid of the killer rabbit.)

Again, while it’s better to say that a customer shouldn’t judge by appearance, it’s a habit that not every decision maker finds easy to break. Recognize that it can be an obstacle if your software gives off a cute little bunny impression even if it is a killer one.

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