Software Leads – What Works For B2C May Not Help B2B

At the heart, the main goal of software lead generation is the same as that of advertising. It’s to gain the interest of clients in the hopes of getting them to purchase your products or services. However, while the ends are the same, the means can be worlds apart. The key to this difference of course is in the clear separation between simply private, individual consumers and large business entities. Transactions that involve the latter are called B2C while the other is dubbed B2B.

For a simple analogy, consider B2C advertising as a shotgun method designed to spread the image of the product to a vast number of people. B2B lead generation on the other hand, requires methods that are more akin to the sniper rifle. They emphasize more on precision, accuracy, and a higher sales probability for each individual company that they’ll target.

In the software industry, B2B-oriented businesses also exist. ERP software is one such example. Methods that normally worked for B2C (such as advertising) may not benefit much for them because the people they market to will be too busy marketing something else themselves to pay advertisements any worthwhile attention.

This is why methods such as telemarketing are much more suitable for B2B. They are not as concerned with how many clients they get interested as they are about how each of them fits the description specified by the company outsourcing to them. Whereas advertising may tweak an advertisement for Australian audiences, telemarketers dig a little deeper to identify the specific firms qualified for their Australia business leads.

One should take great care to keep this in mind when planning a lead generation campaign. If your business sells something that feels only relevant to corporations and business decision makers (like the ERP software suppliers), then you would do better asking a telemarketing firm to help you out. Because chances are, resorting to advertising will not only be fruitless but can strike most people as a bit awkward.

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