Software Sales Leads – Leaving Your Own Mark On Consumer Experience

Sales Leads, B2B Sales Leads, Lead GenerationAs technology advances, the range of application widens. And with wider applications, there come wider markets for your software sales leads. The interesting catch is that these new applications could be taking your focus away from the office experience and closer to the consumer experience.

How Are Sales Leads Tied To Consumer Experience?

Many professionals may have already discovered the answer before. It is not like they have not invented software that can help them manage and visualize information on consumer behavior. On the other hand, technology is establishing a stronger place in the actual interactions between both. Business software companies big and small can generate new software leads by advancing this latest role. You are no longer limited to functions taking large sets of data and visualizing them as charts at the next board meeting. Today, you have a chance to leave your own mark on the consumer experience itself.

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If you want a hint on how consumer experience is your new marketing frontier, here is a quote from one of GigaOm‘s latest article about Adidas’ new store front design:

The new storefront window is a fully functioning virtual store with life-size products. The intuitive interface of the touch-screen window lets shoppers explore, play and drag life-size products they are interested in directly into their smartphone for easy and convenient purchase from adidas NEO online.”

Retailers are just the first among the many other kinds of businesses you could target when it comes to helping them give a truly innovative customer experience. The best part is that this is still placed well under the category of B2B. Simply put, you are still serving your actual customer by improving the experiences they will share with their own. What Adidas did is only a hint as to the mark that business software vendors can leave on the customer experience. Your new B2B sales leads can offer you the same chance.

However, even in the past, touching on the relationships between businesses and customers has been a risky venture. It is a sad but undeniable reality that no new form of technology can fully bypass these objections of consumer advocates:

  • Privacy – Consumers want a convenient form of shopping but not all of them are too thrilled about businesses watching over their shoulder. Then again, there is always room for paranoia which is why you must be prepared to come to your defense as well as your B2B customer.

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  • Transparency – Trust is just as much important between your clients and their consumers as it is between your business and theirs. Guide your prospects and clients on how to demonstrate transparency with these new technologies.
  • Guarantee – Speaking of trust, you need to always guarantee that things go smoothly. And even in cases that they do not, be ready for damage control and quick response.

If you have already any experience with these issues though, you should not be intimidated as these barks do not always have a real bite to them. More than that, if your marketers and salespeople are truly driven by this vision of giving this new customer experience, then you should start your software lead generation campaign today and get ready to leave your mark!

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