Something To Watch Out For When Marketing CRM software

Now whether you’re outsourcing lead generation services or hiring professional telemarketers to seek out potential clients for you, there’s something you need to be careful about when your representatives finally get in touch with a decision maker.
That thing is when they start asking questions, relevant questions, and they end up giving too much that they are confused. This must not happen. Decision makers are arguably even more objective than regular consumers when it comes to considering a deal. CRM deals in handling a very sensitive but vital connection between the company and the customers that they serve. With that said, it’s likely that they’ll have very specific questions and whoever is standing in for your company on your end should learn to pay very close attention. The questions they ask may seem common but put together, they pain a different picture of a different potential client each time. They also have plenty of ties with the ongoing tends in the B2B software world. Here are just some of them:


  • What’s your deliver model? Are you cloud based or on-premise?
  • Does it carry support for their particular industry?
  • Does your pricing put your software in range of their budget?


These questions alone give a nod to some of the buzz that has been going on among B2B software companies. The question of cloud computing and SaaS relates to the on-going discussions of where the industry is going. The question of support deals in the debate of whether or not CRM software should adjust to the company or the other way around. And of course, the subject of price relates to the economic climate and how willing everyone as whole is willing to buy something.

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