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Using Lead Generation While Playing Recluse

The concept of lead generation seems to run counter to the idea of keeping your business isolated. Then again, hiding in a shell seems counter-intuitive to business in general. The idea behind lead generation is to get you connected with the world. Why would you keep your company a secret? Is it for protection or are you just a little shy? Well, maybe nobody can blame you. Maybe your business cannot afford the loud marketing tactics and excess promotion that lead generation is known for.

You still need to get out every now and then though.

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A Lead Generation Campaign That Does Not Stress Anyone Out

Lead generation can induce stress no differently from any other business function. When results are not showing, investment is being wasted, and there is just simply no progress, how can anyone not worry? But more specifically, how aware are you that your lead generation efforts are also stressing others besides yourself?

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Gaining Sales Leads Should Be All About Helping People!

Sales Leads, Software Sales Leads, Lead GenerationWant sales leads? Be a helping hand.

If there is one thing that gives the business world a bad reputation, it is the eagerness to sell rather than simply serve. This type of behavior has already been called out by many gurus, professionals, and experienced leaders. And yet, many outside this world still insist (sometimes unfairly) that anyone marketing a product is only out to make a buck.

Your Business Leads Should HELP Another Business

When you are getting in touch with a prospect for the first time, what do you do? Does the medium you use enable you to be of any help to this person or this person’s business? For example, when you are an accounting software vendor, do you see your accounting leads as an opportunity to help businesses keep track of things?

At the very least, is your marketing easy on the prospect’s mind? How readable is it? How accessible is it? How often do you even have an actual conversation with a prospect?

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Instead of focusing on just getting leads, why not start seeing those leads as an opportunity to be of help even when there is still a long way to go before they are qualified? At Search Engine Land, Erin Everhart suggests the same thing when it comes to link building:

If I learned one thing from being a born and bred Southern belle, it’s that we should do things for people without expecting anything in return. Give away some free knowledge on your blog, grant an interview to a starving journalist through HARO, help someone just getting started in the industry, or offer to do a free chat to college students through our local university.

How do you think SEOmoz has garnered all the links they have? Because they’ve focused more on giving away good, free advice than how their anchor text looks.”

The best part is that this is obviously applicable to more than just SEO. You can take any strategy or tool for generating software sales leads and have it center around viewing those leads as a chance to help instead of just a chance to keep money flowing into your business.

Of course, that does not mean money is unimportant. Having it at the bottom-line is still quite understandable given that you need it to keep your business afloat. What you are forgetting though is that these go hand-in-hand. You want money in order to serve so your marketing should also strive to be of service (not just focus on looking pretty).

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Why else do you think companies give freebies or takeaways? Granted, these do not always work but that is when those things fail to express anything of your business’ real value. On the other hand, giving away tips and holding informative software conferences are more likely to improve the experience of both your prospects and your customers. So whether you are generating leads in-house or with the assistance of a lead generation company, any lead that you get should always be a chance to help people!

Outsource Telemarketing Services That Know How To Listen

One of the stigmas of telemarketing is that agents don’t really listen and care more about pitching than about whether or not the person on the other end even wants to talk. It’s what’s bringing B2C telemarketing crashing down and it’s what’s crippling the efforts of B2B telemarketers. Regarding the latter however, listening actually goes both ways. In one way, it means a good telemarketing group listens to the decision makers they’re contacting. The other way means they should be good at listening to the demands of their current clients.


The latter has just as much importance as the former because every company has sales teams with their own standards for a qualified lead. In B2B accounting software for instance, good accounting leads are exclusive to businesses and not simply private individuals in need of accounting services.


However, even with that in mind. There are still different ways that sales teams would want to approach these leads even if they’re within the same category. Some of them would want to be more involved and thus, would like an early notification. Others might just want a thoroughly qualified lead and would rather focus on closing the deal.


No matter what, you’re likely to have as many preferences of how to qualify software leads as there are many kinds of leads themselves. On the other hand, outsourcing is the most common option for those who can’t handle the heavy costs of having one’s own lead generator. If you must outsource, take care to outsource only those who not only listen to your potential clients but also to you.

Be Precise When Looking For Accounting Software Leads In Strict DNC Countries

When it comes to anti-telemarketing laws, Australia is usually one of the top countries to mention. While consumer rights advocates have every reason to celebrate the new protection of their privacy, this spells trouble for those who need telemarketing for B2B lead generation.


Why is telemarketing still needed? Can’t these people just google it? Unfortunately, businesses who are open to discuss things like partnerships and outsourcing aren’t likely to be found on google. You’ve probably already seen it for yourself that the internet is filled with more ads directed towards consumers. Meanwhile, their websites are also dedicated to customer support. It’s highly doubtful that they’d have a contact page exclusively for B2B matters.


This is even worst when it’s your business doing the offering. For instance, you’re a supplier of B2B accounting applications. B2B software like that isn’t something you can advertise en-masse. Even if you were to opt for the alternative of target email, you’ll still need to refine your list so that you won’t end up blasting to the wrong set of people.


Telemarketing is used because it’s often the most direct and precise way of getting in touch with the right targets within an organization. It’s also the fastest way to qualify them if they’re the right kind of accounting leads. In case you don’t know, the variety of accounting applications tend to go between the B2C and B2B sides of the market. If your product is strictly only for B2B, then that makes it more important for you to be precise in your approach.


Telemarketing in Australia for those leads requires that precision both for reaching decision makers and avoiding those on its infamous DNC register. If it helps, try outsourcing first or at least consult with a company that has an Australian contact database.

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