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Software Appointment Setting Tips – Give the Prize of Validation

When it comes to belief systems, it’s likely your first assumption is to think that’s in the field of self-help gurus, motivational speakers, and of course, all the world’s religions.

But in marketing, even B2B marketing, you deal with belief systems everyday. Your software appointment setting campaigns can claim to just have all the facts. That doesn’t mean these facts are being broadcasted because you know it resonates with the belief of your target market.

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Software Leads – Are they Like Sports or the Sports Teams?

Most people don’t notice it at first glance but managing a sports team can be a bigger game than just playing the sport itself. Is this distinction important when generating software leads? Definitely. It’s like the old saying, “Don’t see the forest for the trees.” You don’t just learn everything about what your B2B prospects do just from what they sell.

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Get Software Leads While Prospects Work

Communicating to prospects is a natural part of qualifying software leads. But of course, that normally carries the responsibility of contacting them when they’re not too busy.

What if that’s not always the case though?

What if a prospect is busy but at the same time, that busy work is steering right into the direction of your sales process?

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Lead Generation Tips – Use New Tech to Pose Fun Ideas

What’s the point of being a tech or software company if you don’t occasionally talk about the latest innovations? It’s why you should never fear of running out of content ideas. More than that, you shouldn’t be afraid of giving your target audience the occasional fun read.

In this case, Google Glass sounds like a good topic to discuss right now. Its potential for augmented reality is getting harder to question in spite of its limitations. On the other hand, that same potential can make for some fun speculation in the workplace (the very place you’re hoping to sell to).

B2B Marketing Tips for your Holiday Strategy

Christmas may be over but the whole season sure isn’t.  There’s still some time for you to make sure your campaign stays in touch with the holiday mood. Here are few reminders to get you started:

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