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Appointment Setting Strategies and Implicit Bias

With the celebration of International Women’s Day, some people take it as an opportunity to talk about issues like implicit bias. Apparently, you can find it everywhere (even within, oh-so-professional confines of your software appointment setting strategy).

In all seriousness though, worrying too much about it is not the best attitude if you’re already having a hard time just getting any prospect to give your software company a chance.

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Appointment Setters Don’t Always Win With “The Truth.”

Forget about Jack Nicholson and A Few Good Men. It’s not that people can’t handle the truth. It’s that people simply don’t want it.

Of course, defining what ‘truth’ is can be a step into the land of the insanely philosophical. Here’s a proverbial lifeline that appointment setters can hold on to. Sometimes just having the evidence to prove yourself isn’t enough and you can actually have the opposite effect when you weaponize information for the purpose of disproving your ‘skeptics’ wrong.

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Appointment Setting Tips – United You Sell, Divided You Fail

If you think the title is talking about your sales and your marketers, you’d be wrong. Besides, there are plenty of experts already taking shots at bridging this age-old divide.

However, what about the divide in your prospect organizations? Aren’t these also a challenge to overcome in your appointment setting strategy?

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Software Appointment Setting Tips – Explaining Unpopular Changes

Whether they’re pitching enterprise technology, social media, or popular video games, there are times when software companies make product changes that grow unpopular with users.

That’s not to say you wouldn’t have your reasons should that happen to your company. Sometimes the customers could just be asking too much or maybe it would’ve only been possible at a higher price tag. With that said though, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t give it your best when explaining an unpopular decision.

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Are Offshore Lead Generation Firms Closed on Thanksgiving?

In case you haven’t heard, a lot of businesses are making a point when they want to give every employee a chance to spend some quality time during Thanksgiving. In fact, about three states have already declared it illegal to open stores during the holiday.

Now from a local business perspective, this seems like a good idea. Everybody needs some time off and Thanksgiving might very well be the day for it.

Don’t forget though, we are in an increasingly globalized world. Your outsourced lead generation strategy can actually be affected by these changes even if your provider is living all the way on the other side.

In fact, the impact of Thanksgiving could very well be because of it!

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