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Are ERP Software Leads ALWAYS Manufactured?

There’s a lot for a marketer like me to say when I read about manufactured empathy. If you haven’t heard the phrase, it’s really just one of the many ways people criticize the ‘fakeness’ in a lot of marketing stunts.

“Oh this was clearly sponsored.”

“This is so an ad.”

“Someone paid for this.”

In my opinion, it’s a little beside the point. But at the same time, it makes me sympathize with really scrupulous salespeople who don’t like ERP software leads that have a ‘manufactured’ fee. They want a process that ‘naturally’ generates potential clients. No smoke and mirrors. No doctored screenshots of the software. Is this so hard these days?

Short answer: No.

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Software Lead Generators Must Create Emphatic Experiences

B2B and B2C marketing could be as different as the oceans are from mountains. And yet, why is it that professionals in the former can’t help but envy the latter when it comes to popularity?

A couple years ago, there were only a handful of business-targeted marketing stunts that were worthy of mention (whether it’s Adobe’s usual business intelligence ads or that one Volvo ad featuring Van Damme). And even then, one can argue that these companies still had a sizeable portion of the consumer market to go along with their corporate ventures.

What is it in consumer marketing that popular opinion decrees to be unachievable by lead generators and sales appointment setters?

Could it be empathy?

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Software Lead Generation and Software Dependency

In age full of smartphones, social media, constant connection, and big data, there’s always that one voice from the past who insists on ‘the old-fashioned way.’ These are the folks who see dependence on technology as a form of weakness and incapacity to ask the ‘hard questions.’

Adding to the irony is that marketing these same, high-end business software tools invokes similar dependency. Much of today’s successful marketing seems defined by how big a mark you make on the web: LinkedIn, thought leadership, strong data etc. It’s easy to see that there’s less of showing the actual, objective value of your technology and more on just getting that hype train up and running.

How can your lead generation strategy strike the balance between a top quality product and marketing it so that it doesn’t fall into obscurity?

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Everything About Software Lead Generation Is Now Known… So What Now?

When you read articles like How to Sell Almost Anything, your reaction starts to differ the longer you work in any marketing and sales position. If you’re a first-timer, this information is actually quite valuable. But when you realize that this is actually what plenty of experienced salespeople have already been saying, you realize that maybe that’s all there is. You now know everything about lead generation.

So what now?

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Create a Quest Out with Your Lead Generation Strategy

What do gamification and storytelling have in common? Well, they’re both trending new ways to reshape your current lead generation setup. Whether it’s the blog says gamification is shaping up modern marketing or the content marketer explaining the value of storytelling, there’s no questioning the popularity of these two topics.

What happens though when you put them together?

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