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Software Appointment Setting Campaigns and Company Growth Pains

A few days ago, Google just released its Transparency Report, detailing all of its content removal activities in accordance with Europe’s Right to Be Forgotten policy. And while this is big news for SEO marketers, it can also be a rude awakening for aspiring tech industry startups. Sometimes reality just has a nasty way of kicking your company vision to the curb.

Times like these could be tough for your appointment setting campaign. In the past few weeks, there’s been plenty reason to second-guess the futuristic promises of many disruptive online services. Prospects could get skeptical and fewer might be keen on meeting with your sales reps as a result.

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Lead Generation Tips – User Experience =/= IT Encyclopedia

User experience is an increasingly valuable buzzword for today’s tech companies. But one thing people tend to overlook (especially in industries of ERP technology) is that user experience does not always imply the users themselves are all MIT grads. It’s more likely the complete opposite. A focus on user experience is a focus on what makes technology simple to use, not how many buttons you can push.

Unfortunately, some lead generation campaigns still run based on this mistaken assumption. Just because certain technologies are in the realm of big business doesn’t mean you shouldn’t make any effort to simplify it all.

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Using Jedi Mind Tricks to Get ERP Leads

Whether you admit it or not, marketing teaches a lot about being convincing. It has its own set of Jedi mind tricks. How else do you establish rapport? Do you think people just fill up a contact form and then sign a contract with sales right after? Not likely.

To generate ERP leads, sometimes you just want to wave your hand and prospects will start lining up. But the truth is, even Jedi exert a little bit more effort in order to execute their little force-powered persuasion.

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ERP Lead Generation Tips – Know When You’re Being Tested

Some prospects are more trouble than their worth. This has become a rule of thumb for many lead generation campaigns. However, can exceptions exist? Are there people, organizations, out there who just prove elusive as a form of testing those who want to do business with them?

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New Software Leads and New Security Policies

With the trends of big data and cloud computing, businesses might be downplaying the risks of exposing their information to outside invasion. As software vendors, it’s why you include policy creation as an important subject in prospect education.

On the other hand, software leads are harder to generate when a product seems only to add more rigidity to prospect workload rather than freedom. The good news is that security becomes less rigid the more it is exercised. Think of it like training a guard except the guard had other duties before becoming one.

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