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How Nagging Reviews REALLY Reduce Sales Leads

People think that negative feedback can come at the cost of generating more sales leads because of the damage it does to credibility. On the other hand, they say it can also generate more sales leads if you receive it with grace and use the information to improve products, business models, as well the marketing campaign itself.

However, there is a cap to how constructive negative reception can be until it starts to really nag. If you understand where this threshold lies, you’ll know how to balance between taking criticism and telling the critics to just stop.

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Simplifying Lead Generation Is Like Retelling An Inside Joke

I think it’s obvious that I’m quite the geek and one of the perks of being one is that you understand how a single concept can be told in two different ways to two different audiences (if not more). It’s a really handy skill that can improve a lot of areas in your lead generation campaign. From content to engagement, it can speed up the way a prospect processes information without the overload.

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How Picky Can you Be With Software Leads?

Defining software leads has to be the most ancient struggle between sales and marketers inside the industry (and outside it for that matter). While marketers struggle to hit quotas, their lack of consideration for the sales perspective is a common complaint. Meanwhile, another common complaint is that salespeople are too picky and too dismissive of leads coming from their marketing department.

You’ve heard this story before but when trying to get both sides to get along, exactly how have you defined picky when it came to qualified software leads?

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EMR Lead Generation Tips – Are Your Salespeople Listening to Your Story?

Oftentimes, EMR systems are often the subject of either miracle stories or absolute mayhem for the practices that use them. Naturally, your marketing campaign should be geared at telling the former.

On the other hand, is your team telling these stories in a bubble? They can have the most successful EMR lead generation campaign in your company’s history. That doesn’t mean real success when that campaign’s activities are in a vacuum.

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Lead Generation Companies and Global Standards of Living

What do these two have in common? Well if you’ve ever outsourced your lead generation process offshore, it wouldn’t be surprising if global standards of living had to do with an outsourced company’s wages and labor practices.

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