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Appointment Setting Tips – Defending Your Costs

Costs are an unavoidable subject in appointment setting. It may not matter how advanced or how much beneficial data your BI software can deliver. If the price tag is a little too high, it might scare off a prospect. On the other hand, perhaps the greatest obstacle are those who are not scared off but are very critical of the pricing.

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Using Lead Generation For Or Against Middle-Men

People with any experience in lead generation can understand why the need for middle-men has been questioned and will always be questioned. Because more than half the time, people who are in the business of providing leads also find themselves on the end of such doubts. On the other hand, this also means they are not strangers to seeing other middle-man industries getting cut out by disruptors and game-changers.

This begs the question: Do you employ them only for or against the middle man?

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