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BI Software Solutions – Dispel CEO Confusion About Big Data

B2B Sales LeadsWith all this talk of Big Data, companies implementing it for their business intelligence software have an advantage. However, skepticism isn’t all that far behind. Fortunately, one can get a basic idea of what CEOs might be thinking when they’re considering the advantages of big data. Forbes magazine published last month about 5 big data questions that CEOs must ask but now you can also use these questions to prepare an appropriate response:


CEOs are starting to wonder if big data is for real and if it can deliver a significant competitive edge to their businesses. It’s critical to qualify the risks and rewards upfront, because big data can get expensive fast.”


From the questions in the article, you can already formulate a response or at least know what to expect when pursuing a CEO as a possible lead for business intelligence.


1. Keep the benefits simple.


Simple doesn’t necessarily mean insignificant. It means that despite all the big numbers and advanced, technical details, you should only demonstrate how it can actually help. Show direct links between your big data features and the advantages of the information it can provide. Make it easy to understand. Remember, CEOs are only human and there are limits to how much information they can take. And from the first question, one can also conclude that there’s only so much they will find relevant to what they want for their business. (In this case, they need to know if all that information can give them an idea on what decisions to make.)


2. Be upfront with the costs.


The cost of building and integrating the big data stack, including staff, can easily run into the millions for a large enterprise.”


If you can, try to keep this from happening. Some might find it petty but a CEO has every right to know how much money a big data project is going to cost their business. Once you’ve set an appointment and are meeting with your intended decision maker, be honest with the cost even if they didn’t ask for it immediately. It’s better to stun them with a price that’s a lot higher than they expected instead of dishonestly claiming it is lower when the end result is still as expensive.


3. Show how to measure the results.


In relation to #1, you need to demonstrate how this will translate into results. Remember, don’t bombard them with too many details. You still have to keep things simple enough for them to understand. Inform them of what they will need in order to analyze the information and illustrate how it impacts the business.


4. Give an accurate measure of how long results take to come in.


Again, honesty is the best policy. You can fine-tune your software to process as fast as possible but that should only give you more reason to give an accurate measure of its speed. Knowing that speed will not just affect their decision to acquire. It will affect the way they time its use in the even that they do accept your software solution.


These answers can apply anywhere in the sales process (from the early marketing stage to when you’re finally attempting to close the deal). It’s just a matter of making it compact. Simplify these answers for your lead generator but slowly expand upon them should a prospect take more interest. To summarize, you have to make the process easy to understand from a CEOs perspective and keep honesty in mind at all times.

Don’t Waste Time When Setting Up Software Appointments!

Software Appoitments

Business intelligence software appeals only to people who are really high up. And if there’s one thing they all have in common, it’s how they value their time. With that in mind, it’s important to make sure that your marketing and B2B lead generation methods take up as little amount of that time as possible. In the following, you will find several methods that need to be tailored or avoided altogether because they take too much of that time otherwise:


  • Web pages – This is not necessarily a bad idea. A good web page that is well-optimized with keywords can attract those who are searching for a software solution. This in turn already establishes a need or else they wouldn’t be searching in the first place. However, the danger is having too much text and listing too many technical features that would surely eat up their time. In fact, you’re lucky they managed to spare a few minutes just to search. Make sure your website doesn’t bombard them with too many details and give them an option to learn more at their own pace.
  • Banner advertisements – Even in B2C businesses, the value of banner ads is still suspect because the conversion rate seems poor. On the other hand, there are plenty of really creative banners out there. The thing is though, you’re better off not trying this at all. The best banner ads are those that really appeal to people who spend a lot of time on the internet. These banners usually contain quirky little features, marketing stunts, and mini-games. A CEO hardly has the time to play around with these things.
  • Telemarketing – While you may have heard or read enough about it from people who say it’s fast, that depends on how fast your own people can use it. Professional telemarketers aren’t as easy to hire as you think. It takes years of experience to become one, learn the right mix of words, timing, and there’s also the additional investment in terms of equipment as well as information.
  • Email marketing – You can consider this the online version of telemarketing. But at the same time though, the rules stated regarding web pages also apply. Your subject line should not signal any red flags but at the same time, it has to signal the needs and interests of the reader.


The above methods are just the first step. You still have to keep the amount of time you spend while engaging the prospect. Chances are, they might not like talking too long even more than you. That’s where the appointments come in. Meanwhile, those same appointments must be carefully qualified before hand and scheduled at the appropriate date so that your prospect doesn’t waste too much time then either.


These people are very critical and very sharp when it comes to measuring the amount of time any activity would use. Just one look and they’ll either stick with you or start walking away. This scrutiny doesn’t end even after the appointment is set and the deal is made. They’ll be keeping an eye on the clock every step of the way so don’t do anything that will spend too much of that time!

B2B Leads From Social Media Need To Be Social

B2B Lead Generation

The recent wave of doubts regarding Facebook’s advertising platform isn’t actually new. A couple of months before talk of its IPO, Matthew Ingram of GigaOm wrote a blog about struggle of social media sites to please advertising prospects.


How is this connected to B2B leads? Isn’t there are world of difference between marketing B2B and B2C? While this may be so, plenty of B2B groups are already delving into social media as part of their overall online marketing plan. With regards to Facebook though, Ingram implies that the value of social media doesn’t lie in putting ads but actually making use of the social experience between company and customer:


“And if you don’t want to just inject ads into a stream or onto a Facebook page, then you might have to develop an actual conversation with your users in order to get your message across, and that can be a lot of work — so much so that some advertisers might not see the payoff as being worth it.”


But unlike advertisers, lead generators aren’t shy of putting that much work seeing as how the entire process is about finding out needs and establishing a relationship even before the sale. It’s one reason why most B2B companies use more direct means of communication (e.g. targeted email, telemarketing) in order to establish contact instead of the usual route of advertising deployed by B2C companies. Social media shouldn’t be different. In fact, the name of the medium itself should already tell you that much. If you want to make good use of it, you should be social!

B2B Sales Leads – Executives Are Still People

While it seems a bit cliché to humanize the likes the CEO, that doesn’t diminish that little bit of wisdom found in the title. Sure you might cite a few like Warren Buffett who seem to have achieved a sort of sagely status among some, that doesn’t eliminate the inherent humanity in everyone (including Buffett).


However, acknowledging this humanity can play a surprising role when it comes to lead generation. For instance, suppose you’re generating leads for BI software. Naturally, given the nature of it, only an executive would take interest in something like that. They need as much streamlining as possible when it comes to running business.


So where does the humanity of that high-ranking executive come in here? Well it’s at the point of when you’re targeting them for software leads and knowing the right time to do so. Believe it or not, they’re not always executives 100% of the time.


Some of them could be parents, grandparents, spouses, lovers, aunts, uncles etc. Simply put, there are moments in their day when they in fact cease to be Mr. or Mrs. Bigbucks, CEO and become simply regular people. It’s at these moments that you can’t really approach them as CEO. When they’re in this particular state, they’re more likely to respond to being approached as consumers and not business owners.


On the other hand, they need to be business owners in order for you to get the software leads you need. That means you still need to aim high and not wait for them to come down the elevator and drive home where a product on a commercial is more likely to get their interest than your software.

When Outsourcing Lead Generation Services, Inspect Their Data!

Countries like US, Australia, and Canada shouldn’t be blamed for hitting harder and harder on telemarketers these days. So many scammers have come to use it as a ruse for their illicit activities. While you’ll get plenty of professionals telling you that there is a whole world of difference between an authentic telemarketing service and a poser, it might take a bit of skepticism to actually disprove the skeptics.


These claims aren’t always enough, not even if you were a BI software supplier in desperate need of B2B leads. Telemarketing may be the only way you’ll hear a high-ranking executive on the other end but it always helps to be completely sure that you’re outsourcing a reputable service.


One thing you need to evaluate is their contact database. When telemarketing in Australia, telemarketing businesses of any kind are expected to cross out any number that’s on the country’s DNC register. These include private home numbers, mobile phone numbers, and emergency numbers used to contact local hospitals. When outsourcing, make sure that the company representing you can give you the utmost assurance that their contact database is free of such numbers. It highlights their compliance with the laws of the land and at the same time, you can even benefit from having only business numbers to call.


The value of any lead generation firm lies the quality of the data it gives you. A proper inspection of where and how it obtains such information is only due. Take great care in evaluating the database of your outsourced service.

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