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How Sales Stereotypes Affect Software Lead Generation

The difference between B2B and B2C sales can be staggering. You can tell just by looking at Forbes recent listing of Best and Worst Sales Jobs. It pretty much covers the wide variety of salesman stereotypes all the while hammering most, if not all, harder into public imagination.

Speaking of which though, just why exactly should this matter to those running your software lead generation campaign? Well, while stereotypes aren’t always helpful, they give an initial impression that might subconsciously determine the way they set appointments and qualify your software leads.

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Getting Software Leads in a Lazy Summer

Summer and laziness do go hand-in-hand. As always, it’s bad news for productivity (especially when your sales quota is starting to sound more like the post office’s in-rain-or-shine motto).

But what if there was a way to get value out of this haze? When you look outside and feel like eating out, is there a way to turn that activity into something that generates software leads?

Actually you just might if you adopt the right attitude and can look deep into your own lazy tendencies without falling completely.

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Lead Generation Tips – User Experience =/= IT Encyclopedia

User experience is an increasingly valuable buzzword for today’s tech companies. But one thing people tend to overlook (especially in industries of ERP technology) is that user experience does not always imply the users themselves are all MIT grads. It’s more likely the complete opposite. A focus on user experience is a focus on what makes technology simple to use, not how many buttons you can push.

Unfortunately, some lead generation campaigns still run based on this mistaken assumption. Just because certain technologies are in the realm of big business doesn’t mean you shouldn’t make any effort to simplify it all.

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Lead Generation Tips – Being Part of Prospect Legacy

Not a lot of businesses live for a long time. But the very few who do, tend to be big name brands that use their legacy as a significant part of their marketing campaigns.

But let’s turn this the other way around. If you’re business software vendor, ever had any hopes of selling to an organization with such a long history? Sometimes they may not even be all that well-known but the number of years they’ve been in business remains no lie.

The thought alone feels like a daunting task but few ever take the next step of understanding why. Here are some more objective reasons and hopefully, you’ll find it in yourself to actually take a shot at it.

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Lead Generation Tips – Don’t Just Shut Up, Don’t Just Take Their Money

You’ve probably seen the meme a few times: “Shut up and take my money!” Most often you find it when there’s talk about a product that’s stuffed with all things better and new that people don’t care about how much it’ll cost.

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