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Where Is the ‘H’ in HR Software Leads?

Consider this a slightly more techie version of asking where the H in HR is nowadays. Granted, there are many companies who want to vouch for the improvements. Things like work-life integration, an increased emphasis on employee satisfaction, and breaking down conventional corporate silos are the new HR agendas.

Is it possible though that HR software vendors could actually be a little left behind on this? Could it be the reason why you’re generating as many HR software leads as you hoped?

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Software Leads and Promises of Superpowers

It used to be that only activists (and the occasional paranoid) made a big deal about how much information gets stored and accessed online.

But now, with all the news you get about advancing big data technology and cloud-computing, the Orwellian nightmare might just hit closer to reality.

The really sucky part though is when that nightmare casts tech companies like yours as sinister profiteers who promise the all-knowing superpower of data to win top-dollar software leads.

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Are you Marketing a Tool or a User?

Have you ever given thought about what it is you are presenting? For software vendors, you might automatically say you’re marketing a tool. You want them interested in this tool to the point that your salespeople have a high chance coming out with a closed deal.

Take a moment to reflect though. Are you truly marketing a tool or are you marketing a user? If you want a better idea of what I mean, read the quote below:

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