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ERP Lead Generation Tips – Brands Matter (Even Just a Little Bit)

Experienced marketers will always tell you that branding matters a lot. But for some customers in the B2B space, there’s still a strong inclination to dismiss brands as mere labels.

Now there’s a bit of wisdom to that. It means your lead generation campaign should still concern itself with the quality of your actual software products. Relying on a label can rile up the resident hippies in your prospect organization. Regardless, there’s also a bit of wisdom in fostering brand awareness among potential clients.

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Lead Generation Tips – Being a Disney to an Industry’s “Star Wars”

“May the 4th be with you.”

If you’re a fan, there’s no doubt this tagline streamed endlessly on your Facebook feeds as you all celebrated Star Wars Day.

But with the cast for the upcoming Episode VII have been officially announced, one of things that I’ve often pondered about as a marketer is its reception ever since the Walt Disney Company bought the rights to Lucasfilms.

I’m not even a big fan but I’m obviously just as concerned as those who heard about the acquisition. That’s the funny thing isn’t it? Have you ever wondered how your own target market would react if you somehow bought into a property that’s not exactly your genre? What are the difficulties it would pose to your lead generation strategy?

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Planting Marketing Tricks for an ERP Lead

The art of disguising an object isn’t just good for pulling pranks. It can be good for bigger things like art, espionage, and of course, marketing.

But how do ERP lead generators make use of this skill when pulling in prospects into the sales funnel?

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Sneaking Around for Extra Sales Leads

“When major brands face a situation where low-cost competitors are stealing share, many smart companies don’t try to fight low-cost competition head on; instead they develop a second brand—a ‘fighter brand.’ This allows the original brand to retain its customer base and its premium price.”

This was the premise of Tim Williams as he describes a common but rarely mentioned strategy that employs ‘stealth brands.’ Reading it again though, I think it can also be a warning sign that price isn’t always the advantage of smaller vendors.

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